Larisa Pevtsova, From Russia to Chicago, Larisa’s Life through the Lens

We wanted to take a moment and ask Larisa to introduce herself to the Chicago members of EuroCircle. You haven seen her at the last two events behind the camera aiming the lens at you. So Larisa, tell us a little about yourself…

My name is Larisa Pevtsova. I am a photographer currently living in Chicago but originally from Crimea, Russia.

I have been living in Chicago for the past 18 years and certainly now consider it my adopted home.

Chicago is an amazing cultural city and it serves as a tremendous inspiration to me. The modern landscape of skyscrapers and incredible architectural innovation are a sobering contrast to the old world architecture and natural beauty of the Crimean peninsula.

Before I came to Chicago I was a student, but photography has always been a part of my life since both, my grandfather and great grandfather were photographers.

I’m inspired by true emotion and natural exuberance. I get tremendous pleasure photographing the performing arts – where I strive to convey not only the existential meaning of the performance, but also the emotional catharsis of the performers.

This also translates to portraiture where it is my pleasure to capture the raw emotion and beauty of the subject.”

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PS. Go to her website and check out the beautiful photos!