Austin – Oct 01 2011

OKTOBERFEST at Hank's Garage's Patio

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FREE RAFFLE: (bring a business card or just drop a piece of paper with your name/email/tel#)


“The Art and Science of Success”. Traci Blodgett Williams
“Quick Steps To Direct Selling Success”. Gary Spirer


LUMENE cosmetics and skincare gift bags (value around $80 each)

CO-HOSTS – waiting to hear which European groups/organizations can be hosting that evening with us!
WANTED – who knows GERMANS here in Austin?

Antonia Warren Vaso Garcia, Casa de Espana and Realtor
Tamora Burk, US/France,
Heli Bergius, Finland, Zip Realty, Author/Editor
Allison Berguin, France
Adnan Khaleel, UK
Roland Craeye, Belgium, Design Consultant at Fiat Austin, networker
Traci Blodgett Williams
Rasmus Wendt and Henrik Johansson, SACC and Boundless Network, Sweden
Gary Spirer – QuestionMine & AdViral Team
Kaisa Kokkonen, Finland – EuroCircle Team

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Henrik Johansson from SACC (Swedish Chamber of Commerce) and Boundless Network suggested this…and we took upon us making it happen!

Happy Hour Prices are “IN” until 7 pm – after all it’s Saturday.

Jeff is figuring out how we will work it out with food etc – but come prepared to have dinner or min some snacks ($5) there as well. The full menu is very Belgium – and you can have an extensive selection of fries and many different BEERS.

This is what Jeff designed for us:

$5 entrance fee that allows access to the self serve table of Oktoberfest food and access to two drink tickets for 2 Oktoberfest beer that they will provide. 2 beers will be additional $5.

Any additional drinks or beer will be at full price or happy hour price depending on the time. Access to the outside will be limited to those paying the $5fee

$5 wine specials for EuroCircle members:
Chateau Bonnet Entre-Deux-Mer, Les Fontanelles Pinot Noir and Alan Christopher champagne.