Austin – Jul 27 2017

Mattie’s Lawn Happy Hour

Photos by Houman Omidifar

It was a great night despite the scorching 100 degree weather!

Come sit on Mattie’s lawn, porch or bar, join us under the majestic live oaks for a wonderful happy hour (available ONLY ON THE LAWN. Partake of thoughtfully sourced, rustic farm-fresh American fare and cocktails served with a generous side of Texas hospitality. This house has hosted some real characters over the last century, young and old, formal and informal—friends & family are always welcome.

First come – First serve – happy hour prices only available on the lawn. It is a space you could easily bring kids as well.
Login and see some photos I collected. If you are too hot – go and have a drink inside the downstairs or upstairs bar to cool off.
They are both small and intimate spaces.

Live music in the outside garden area – depending on the week the live music varies from jazz to blues to bluegrass.

Last week’s happy hour menu included $6 and $7 cocktails, wines $6, Beers and cider $3-4.
Bites: Chicken sandwich $6, Burger $6, Proscioutto tartine $6, Frites $5 etc

They usually have complimentary valet parking. When we were there (Friday) – they played smooth old jazz outside. Just the best environment and the trees gave us enough shade to survive the 100 degree weather,