Austin – Jan 11 2019

EuroCircle’s 20th Anniversary Celebration @ W Austin Living Room

Join us to celebrate the official start date of EuroCircle – 2o years ago in NYC.

Once upon the time…the new CEO of Telemundo Ibra Morales had dinner at the City Hall Restaurant in Tribeca about 20 years ago.
The owner of the restaurant came by to say hello and Ibra made the historic move that started EuroCircle. We got the Rose Room (no rent) for the first event on Monday, Jan 11 1999
provided we wil have at least 100 p. Otherwise there would be a significant amount of rent to be paid.

Of course at the time there really was no emails, no social media…so all had to be taken care via phone, word of mouth or faxes.
Nevertheless, we had 185 people at the first event at that super luxurious Tribeca space.

Soooo…..on Friday, we’ll have an extended happy hour until 8 pm at W Austin.
Parking for valet is $10 for 3 hours. Otherwise parking is available on the street, or State of Texas parking lot.