Austin – Mar 28 2019

Meet Veera for Yoga Flow & Stretch with EuroCircle

Welcome to open and stretch your body through Yoga Stretch. This class is for people who want to learn foundational yoga poses and how to gain more flexibility in the body in a safe way. This class is designed for EVERYONE, no previous experience required. NO FEE.

You will need:
-Yoga mat (or even a big towel)
-Loose clothing
-Water bottle
-No shoes needed

Meet on 3/28 at 6pm at:
676W W Riverside Dr Austin, TX 78701

Let’s meet at the parking lot area by the restrooms at 6pm, let’s plan to start 6.05pm on the lawn.

Check back for weather updates. I will post if we need to cancel due to weather.

Looking forward seeing you all on Thursday! Please contact me via inbox or email if you have any questions! Namaste! 🙂


Meet Marina Simovic – a Manhattan-based certified Stretch Therapist and a professional Reiki Practitioner from Bosnia and Herzegovina

 I had the pleasure of interviewing Marina Simovic, Marina was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She moved to New York almost 20 years ago (as of 2019) with a suitcase and a passion to help people in their health and wellness. Originally she was in the USA just for a short stay not more over a year to improve her English language. At the time she was a student at Mostar University close to my hometown Ljubuski close to Medjugorje.
After one year Marina simply fell in love with New York. Passion for health and wellbeing inspired her to be certified in a Stretch theraphy. Marina operates as a fully certified Stretch Therapist and a professional Reiki Practitioner.  She concentrates her efforts on stress reduction and relaxation which promotes health and wellness. Over the years, Marina has perfected the art of helping other people’s bodies, emotions and the spirit which have lots of benefits

Can you tell us more about what brought you to this specific career path? It is not exactly the most common or known path to choose.

What brought me to this specific path was my passion and dedication towards healthy lifestyle and making difference in people’s life.
I was a long distance runner in between two major stages in life, high school and transition to college. Since I come from a very small place in Europe ( Bosnia and Herzegovina) people thought sometimes that my running was weird and I was not fitting in with other girls my age- but nevertheless I continued to do so.

As  an adult my passion continued, and I worked in a big Export- Import company- where employees would have extremely destructive eating habits and no specific diet or physical activity. So, I would cut and place  articles and healthy recipes,  on our company kitchen display and talk with people about working out.

I could say it’s not one thing that led me to this career path – it was a gradual development along the way.

May I ask you to share the most interesting experience you have had since you started your career?

The most interesting experience I have had since I started a company, was probably encountering so many interesting and different people. I had so many different corporate events, fairs, fashion- official events such as US Supreme court technology and arts. I have enriched my life with so many different people and grow so much as an individual. I can actually sit with a person from any walks in life and we would have a great conversation about anything that is beneficial and interesting commonality to both. I am so grateful for every day which is an adventure in my profession.

What advice would I give to other women who may want to take that next step and following their dreams or either running or starting their own company?

Dear ladies, be kind to yourself- take care of yourself-emotionally, physically, mentally and financially.

Along the way to your dream, make meaningful connections with people- long lasting and genuinely care about people.

On your way to the top-  you might or will change professions, what ever  impression you leave on people will be everlasting.  They will support you no matter what you choose to be. It is YOU- NOT YOUR BUSINESS.

Is there a funny (scary?) story that you could share that happened to you since starting your company?

Funny/Scary story – I could write a book 🙂

Couple of them – I did a corporate event with a group of people we work with and they mixed the emails so we were not welcomed because they had another vendor there – in the meantime I brought 4 people to help me with this event- to my surprise they were not angry or mad at me – but they set up the table regardless and let me handle everything with HR department even though I was not directly involved – They said we knew you will handle this- talking about confidence of my team- but also they know how passionate and committed  I am. On the side note I talk a lot so they had no doubt in their mind that all will end well.

The second scary/funny part happened in US Supreme court when they took possession of my laptop prior to the event- and I was on the list to participate as a vendor and had a presentation on that laptop.

I actually had to write an email, for someone from HR to come downstairs and convince guards that there is no treat because of electronic device- only presentation about – you will never guess – Forgiveness meditation – that was recorded with no issues later on.

If you could go back in time and talk to your younger self, what would you tell her and why? What message(s) would you like for her to know?

If I could go back to the time- I would not change or say anything because I would not be the same person as I am today. I worked diligently to become who I am today – and I kind of like myself and what I do.

Can you share 3 of the best words of advice (quotes) you’ve gotten along your journey? We would love  to hear a story or example for each. We all could use some inspiration.

ADVICE #1 Be the best version of yourself- when you are a best version of yourself in life nothing will stop you.

You will encounter people who are not your match sometimes, but you have to strive to be the best then you will attract the best for yourself and you will strive to recognize the best in people.

Do not lower your standards, your prices your character to please people.

Be the best you can and you will have the best in life.

ADVICE #2 Be the type of the person that makes everyone you come across feel perfectly ok with being exactly who they are.

When you allow people to be who they truly are you shine a light upon their path that maybe no one was recognizing that in them before.

Only for that they will respect you and share and openly communicate with you and genuinely connect.

When you come to a place of such there is no greater award then creating from a place of authenticity and integrity.

ADVICE #3 Wake up with a purpose.

Whatever you do professionally pursue, let it be purposeful. When you wake up and start your day – your excitement and zest for life is connected to that purpose.

Your only question should be: How can I bring value and change someone’s life Today?

We all need a little help along the journey — who have been some of your mentors? Can you share how they made an impact?

My mentors – great question by the way… Anthony Robbins is one of them. And not just because of his business mindset but also for a vast love towards humanity – and I felt that upon meeting him- big giant with even bigger heart.

Overall, human capacity to love and connect is or are my mentors- names are irrelevant.

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

Movement that will change people’s lives.

I think I am already slowly building that momentum- I teach people how to be purposely connected, Reiki emotional healing, Essential oils, Detox free home, Meditation and also building community around that.

Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can you share how that was relevant to you in your life?

Favorite Life Lesson Quote- Learn and apply.

In life I learned so many things – but then I learned without application of learned lessons, lectures or words it’s just accumulated knowledge.  To really create a difference words have to be put in action- therefore you are creating movement and change.

I also learned to have boundaries with people and situation – not everything in life requires your immediate attention- be still, release and let go.

Your story is very inspiring, Marina. Not to mention even most Europeans have not  met  many people (if any) from your country – just like most people do not know anyone from Finland. Not a huge country.  Thank you so much for joining us!

And for those of you who wish to to connect with Marina – and maybe try some stretch therapy or reiki:

You can find her number and address in Manhattan (30s) at the Flexhealing website



New York – Jul 06 2019

Invite — Polo Match & Event / Hamptons Summer

Rain or shine.
The Polo Match & Cocktail Party will be held in Bridgehampton, Saturday June 29, and July 6, 2019. The Match and Cocktail Party will take place between 4pm to 7pm. As guests enjoy the thrill of the polo match they will have access to an open bar paired with hors d’oeuvres and preferred seating. There is complimentary parking but we suggest taking Uber.
Only 500 tickets will be available for each date, so please purchase your tickets today. Get ready for Polo Hamptons

New York – Jun 29 2019

Invite — Polo Match & Event / Hamptons Summer 2

Get ready for Polo Hamptons 2019!
The Polo Match & Cocktail Party will be held in Bridgehampton, Saturday June 29, and July 6, 2019. The Match and Cocktail Party will take place between 4pm to 7pm.

As guests enjoy the thrill of the polo match they will have access to an open bar paired with hors d’oeuvres and preferred seating. There is complimentary parking but we suggest taking Uber.
Only 500 tickets will be available for each date, so please purchase your tickets today.

Rain or shine.


EuroCircle Travels to Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan in September 2019

Sherry Kumar has been leading these trips s independendently since 2011 for other EuroCircle members.  Together the group has traveled to over 20 countries. Sherry will be handling all group bookings and arrangements. To make a trip deposit, and to find out details about this trip, please schedule  a call with Sherry first

You can email her here!

This is an ACTIVE trip. Travelers will be exposed to high altitudes, changing climate, uneven terrain, and will be sightseeing much of the day.  This trip may not be advisable for people with certain medical conditions or low fitness levels.

Each year members from all over the world meet at a chosen destination to explore an exotic region, experience culture and make friendships and memories of a lifetime. This year,  Sherry invites you to join us at:

Kathmandu – Lhasa – Paro

Pashupatinath, Bodhnath , Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple), Kopan Monastery, Bhaktapur and Patan City, Nagkort, Potala Palace, Johnkang temple, Bakor street, Himpu and Paro, Taksang (Tiger’s Nest Monastery, pictured).


Dates:  September 14- 24th, 2019

11 Days across 3 countries. This is a fully guided tour, that includes all land costs, entry fees, travel permits, a guide, and local transport


DETAILED ITINERARY IN PROGRESS (to be defined closr to the trip):

Day 1 Arrive Kathmandu Arrive Kathmandu, airport pick up and transfer to hotel / In Kathmandu

Day 2 Kathmandu Full day Tour of Pashupatinath, Bodhnath , and Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple)and Kopan Monsatry (Breakfast Included) in Kathmandu

Day 3 Kathmandu Full day visit of .Bhaktapur and Patan City. (Breakfast Included) in Kathmandu

Day 4 Kathmandu Half day tour to Nagkort (Breakfast Included) in Kathmandu

Day 5 Kathmandu- Lhasa
Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa (Breakfast Included in Lhasa)

Day 6 Lhasa
Potala palace, Johnkang temple, Bakor street (Breakfast Included) in Lhasa

Day 7  Lhasa
Drepung monastery , Sera monastery  (Breakfast Included) in Lhasa)

Day 8  Lhasa- Kathmandu-Paro

Fly from Lhasa to Kathmandu and fly from Kathmandu to Paro and transfer to Thimpu
(Breakfast included at Thimpu)

Day 9  Bhutan
Thimpu sightseeing / Drive to Paro (1460m.) – 2 hrs. drive
(Breakfast, Lunch and Diner Included in Paro)

Day 10  Bhutan
Paro – hike to Taksang (Tinger’s Nest Monastery)
(Breakfast, Lunch and Diner Included in Paro)
Day 11  Bhutan departure
Fly back to Kathmandu by early morning flight and then fly out of Kathmandu back to your home country (breakfast Included).  The flight on day 11 will arrive in Kathmandu at 08:45 so you can book an afternoon flight from Kathmandu back to USA
* Notice: Some of the activates might be altered or cancelled due to force majeure like bad weather, close of monastery and activities etc.

Los Angeles – Mar 21 2019

EuroCircle LA – Throwback Cocktails at Shoo Shoo Baby

Join us March 21 at 7pm in downtown LA for Craft cocktails in a throwback 1940s-era bar, with draft beer & European wines. Just a few blocks away from the 7th Street metro station too.

Shoo Shoo Baby Team was  inspired by a time when WW2 had just ended and the people in the streets of New York City were helplessly kissing and celebrating life. What a time to be in a bar!
They also wanted to create a bar that embraced the power of feminininity.  They just wanted to make a place that women feel empowered and celebrated, all the while men feel at home to have drinks with their best bro’s.

Look for Lilli and Patrycja!

Tour the venue

Houston – Mar 20 2019

Join us at Bisou for some international networking

Atlanta – Mar 06 2019

EuroCircle Atlanta March Get-together at Babalu Midtown

Greetings everyone;

Hope your weekend was great. Please join us this coming Wednesday (March 6th) for our March Eurocircle Get-together. We will be meeting at BABALU located in Midtown, start time is 7:00pm.

A nice spread of complimentary appetizers has been arranged and parking (to the left side of the building) will be free – just be sure to request a complimentary pass from the hostess on your way out. Due to last minute notice, please invite all your international and like-minded friends so we can maximize the head count.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.


Chicago – Mar 13 2019

GET LUCKY – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day wih EuroCircle

Join us as we celebrate all things Irish in anticipation of Chicago’s favorite holiday- St. Patrick’s Day!!

Thanks to this month’s awesome ( and Irish!) co- host Sonya, she has set us up at the super cozy + charming D4 Irish Pub & Cafe where we look forward to sharing some of that famous Irish luck- and cuteness of course! ☘️
So get your green on and come join us!


Maria & Sonya