Using Skype for helping Expats as a Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Being a Finn and marrying a foreigner, a Dane, I have experienced expat life first hand for almost thirty years.  I live in Finland, Denmark and Turkey – for work, love and fun.

I am a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and organizational consultant, fluent in Finnish, English, Danish and Swedish. I have worked in many European countries, Australia and China. Currently I also specialize in working with individual clients internationally using Skype.

Skype Psychotherapy

In response to my Facebook advertisement, Skype Therapy For Expats, I am often asked, “Are expats more healthy and more balanced than others – or the opposite?”

It is a difficult question. We live in a mobile world, situations differ: some people move from something and some leave for something, some perhaps both. We are all vulnerable, and also strong, which leads me to think:

Who can succeed and live happily as an expat:

  • One who knows who he/she is
  • Dares to take risks and tolerates uncertainty
  • Is curious, willing to learn, face reality and integrate
  • Keeps contact with loved ones: in the beginning with those who they left behind but later also includes new acquaintances and friends

In a nutshell: strong sense of identity, willingness to change and eagerness to learn!

Who is searching for my help?

Often people who are self-aware and have the courage to be open enough to talk with a professional person, a neutral outsider, who might have a different perspective to offer, when they are dealing with difficult life issues.

Who should not be treated in Skype? For example, a person suffering from a serious mental illness needing constant,  face-to-face medical and psychological treatment.

When do people contact me?

When dealing with all sorts of changes in life, whether the  changes come from expat life, leaving their country and network – or just going through a normal life crisis such as starting or ending a relationship, a new work situation, stress, bullying, co-dependency/independence, depression, sorrow etc.  Things that affect most people at different points in their lives.

What do I believe in?

Life is a risky, sometimes painful, sometimes wonderful adventure. My purpose is to help people search for and keep the joy of life, where ever they are.

Pirkko Hurme

Skype ID: pirkkohurme