The Accent of Us by Giacomo Ravo (Austin, TX)

The Accent of Us

Hello EuroCircle members and international friends!

I just launched The Accent of Us, a podcast show that highlights stories of international entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals that moved to the United States and contributed to the economy, society, and science in the most innovative country of the world. You can listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes

Why I started the Accent of Us

During the 6 years I lived in the United States I met so many talented people that moved here from so many different places around the world to start businesses, careers, and exciting projects. I’ve heard so many fascinating stories and now I want to capture this stories with The Accent of Us and share them with the international and local communities.

Why this name?

First, let’s start with the definition of accent. The accent is a distinctive manner of expression, a distinctive mode of pronunciation of a language.

All people that move here from other parts of the world are so distinctive and unique. They are adding so much diversity to our community and bringing so many new ideas.

About Me

First, an interesting fact about me: I clearly have an accent when I speak English, I am not going to hide that.

What’s interesting is that now I have an accent when I speak Italian as well. When I go back to Italy people tell me that I have an English accent. So it looks like now I have an accent wherever I go. I grew up in Naples Italy and moved to Austin Texas in 2011 after completing a Master’s degree in Engineering Management in Florence.

In Austin I worked in manufacturing and technology companies and completed the evening MBA program at McCombs Business School. I have always been passionate about technology and the way technology improves people’s lives. I am interested in everything international and I love to hear stories of people that come from different backgrounds.

Contact info

Twitter: @theaccentofus; @giacoravo