South East European Film Festival Los Angeles Debuts Contest for Young Filmmakers

Los Angeles, February 2016 – South East European Film Festival in Los Angeles, SEEfest announced the launch of a youtube contest for young filmmakers as the first major new initiative of the 2016 festival, set to run April 28 – May 5. Created by the festival’s young social media team, the contest is run online with the hashtag #SEEme and encourages young filmmakers to create a short video of under 3 minutes showing how they express themselves.

“We are proud of Tamara Gavric and Erica Sabol, our young social media team in Los Angeles who created the contest,” says SEEfest Founder and Artistic Director, Vera Mijojlić. “They filmed the promo trailer for the contest featuring young L. A. artists and how they express themselves through dancing, singing, boxing, jogging, photographing. It gives youthful energy to our festival and encourages diversity of cinematic expression.”

The contest is exclusively run through social media reaching tens of thousands of new users in youth demographics. Says Tamara Gavric, manager of digital content for the festival, “This was a wonderful opportunity for me and Erica Sabol to create innovative solutions for the film festival and great opportunities for young filmmakers. We are so excited and grateful to have a chance to implement our ideas and discover young filmmaking stars through social media.”

The winner will be chosen by a festival jury from the top 10 films with the most votes and the winning filmmaker will travel to the U.S. to attend SEEfest. The contest is open to anyone ages 18-27, and it is free to enter. Submissions deadline is March 26.

About SEEfest

The South East European Film Festival in Los Angeles, SEEfest presents cinematic and cultural diversity of South East Europe to American audiences and creates cultural connections through films, artistic and social events. Annual competition festival takes place at the end of April-beginning of May and presents films from 18+ countries of South East Europe showcasing diversity of cultures and cinematic talents from Austria and Italy in the North-West to Turkey and the Caucasus in the South-East. SEEfest was twice the recipient of the prestigious festival grant from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and five other recognitions for programming excellence from the State of California, County and City of Los Angeles, and Cities of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.