Philadelphia – Dec 19 2019


Bubbly, DJ, and your European friends! Put on your dancing shoes and your hottest ensemble, and join Eurocircle for it’s annual holiday party.

6.30 to 8.30 pm

Dec 19 2019



Samer Allabadi: Jordan (though he is 4% European according to 23andMe 😊). Sam is a Director at Capgemini. When he is not working, or watching sports or the news, he is either travelling, cooking or organizing dance parties.

Jennifer Wynman: South Korea, owner of “Jenn’s Kitchen.“ She loves to plan catering events because she get to interact with guests and design perfect tables for the perfect meal.

Bridget O-Brien: Boston, Massachusetts. She is off Irish, Dutch, and Czech ancestry. Her work as a Senior Project Manager for E.B. Mahoney Builders affords her the opportunity to travel the world helping make her clients’ dream homes come to life. She has lived in Philly for the past 5 years, but has previously lived in South Africa, Italy, and Ireland.

Mystery Host: Not telling where s/he is from, but s/he is flying in from far away to bring EC peeps some goodies.

Drink Specials: on wine, prosecco and beer until 9:30
Discounts on bar menu and snacks until 8:30
Featured Cocktail: The Eurotini

Tickets: Tickets:

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