New York – Sep 27 2007

Nordic Lounge After Party

Sign up by 4 pm on Thursday, Sept 27. Otherwise $10 at the door before 8:00 pm. AFTER 8 pm no guest list required, no door fee from anyone. BECOME A MEMBER – It’s free and then sign up!

Please join us for this fun night and MEET some of our lovely models from Sept 13 Nordic Lounge fashion show cohosting this evening:
Kirsi, Pia (Finland) and Katrin, Matilda, Linn & Sofia (Sweden), Martina (Slovakia), Olga (Estonia), Stella (Uzbekistan), Nelson, Morten – and waiting for some more responses

Photographer: Andre Kopinski

Simple complimentary appetizers, courtesy of Azza, from 7 pm to 8 pm.
From 6:30 to 8 pm we have asked Murat to play (DJ Tossun) romantic tunes, lower soundlevel and schmoozing music. Have to be able to talk, right?? After 8 pm the dancing starts…
Entertainment provided by Flying Kilim Entertainment!

Drink Specials until 8:00 pm
London Casa $7 (14): Tanqueray gin, blackberry liquor, lemon mint, simple syrup Sour mix.
Marokita $7 (14): Cuervo gold, Cointreau, Anisette, orange blossom honey, Sour mix, orange juice, orange flower water
Kabil-I $7 (14): Kettle one, Bacardi light, Midori, muddled lime,Fresh mint
BEERS $4 (7)
GLASS of WINE $6 (10)

Lounge menu available for dinner and let us assure, they have GREAT food

Marinated olives and spiced almonds $5 and $8
Hummus with pita bread $6 and $9
Falafel with harissa aioli $7 and $10
Grilled merguez with mustard and
red pepper dip $8 and $11
Savory cigars, goat cheese and spinach $7 and $10
Baby carrot salad with mango $7 and $10
Cucumber salad with cinnamon and watercress $7 and $10
Chicken briouats with almonds and sweet onion $7 and $10
Crispy calamari with chermoula dip $7 and $10
Eggplant fritters with spiced yogurt $9 and $12
Baby octopus with lemon and mint $11 and $14
Grilled Lamb Sliders, Cucumber and Tomato $11and $14
French Fries with citrus mayonnaise $7 and $10
Vegetarian cheese Panini $11 and $14
Azza Panini $11 and $14

Azza Lounge :: CONCEPT
Imagine a lounge that feels like a palace. Imagine a lounge that captivates the senses and creates a true sense of comfort.

From the moment someone enters AZZA, they will be transported to an exotic destination. The atmosphere is enchanting and welcoming while remaining a hip oasis in which to disappear from the city. The lounge is a recreation of a North Africa-meets-Europe venue, serving sophisticated cocktails, an extensive wine list and shared platters encouraging patrons to experience the restaurant’s mezze menu. The music reflects the journey of the AZZA experience, covering all styles, from world beats to “happy” house, to the latest commercial hits.

New York – Sept 27
Thursday, September 27, 2007 in New York at 6:30 pm – 12:00 pm

Location: Azza
Address: 137 East 55th Street New York NY
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