New York – Sep 13 2001

Wine Tasting at Gramercy Park Townhouse (location changed)

LOCATION HAS BEEN CHANGED due to September 11!
Our hosts (Goldman Sachs) were affected by the event and have left NYC.

The new location in a private luxury apt has been sent to all the attendees.
Please call 212-773-5655 if you did not receive it.

THE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. The cost of the evening was $45.

It includes: all the wines you are tasting, some other refreshments, some food (for most people enough to replace dinner) and the fee for our sommelier. NO REFUNDS.

You must both REGISTER and PAY to attend this event.
ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE PAID IN ADVANCE BY SEPT 10 WILL BE ATTENDING THE EVENT. You will receive full details upon payment. Remember to include the names of all the people for whom you are paying, and don’t forget to register.

The space is limited.