New York – Oct 07 2007

Intimate Mediterranean & Turkish Dinner

Mediterranean Circle presents

Join us for an intimate dinner with a small group at this new authentic Mediterranean Turkish Grill on Upper West Side. They don’t even their liquor license yet but one of the best liquor stores is located right next to the restaurant. You are welcome to bring your own wines or other alcoholic beverages.

What does that mean..well, think about the cost. This is one of EuroCircle founder’s favorite venues – and she likes great wines! Usually you pay at least $7-9 per glass. If you are alone buy a GREAT 1/2 bottle of wine next door at $15…or not so great $7. The wine store has a great collection of any wines. If you are alone 1 entree ot just two appetizers will fill you up! Their bread is great. Everything is fresh, no frozen pita etc

PAYMENTS: cash or credit card. Everyone will receive a separate check

Their menu is extensive including well over 100 choices – it covers almost anything possible known in Turkish cuisine. Incidentally Turkish cuisine is considered by food anthropology to be one of the 3 best cuisine’s in the world.

 RESERVATION is a MUST: sign up online so we can reserve enough seats and make sure you CANCEL by 3 pm on Sunday if your plans change. Email It is not “cool” to keep empty seats reserved! Or call 212-721-6190 by 5:30 pm. Restaurant tel@ is 212-724-4700

Menu Samples for instance:
Octopus Salad (ahtapot salatasi) $9.50
Shepherd’s Salad (coban salatasi) $7.00 or $11.00

Falafel $6.00
Findik lahmacun $6.00
Sigara Borek $5.50
Mixed appetizers $12.00 0r $19.50

Alexander Kebab (Iskender Kebab) $16.00
Homemade manti $14.00
Fantastic seafood – Turkey is a huge seafood country
Shrimp casserole $15.00
Grilled Salmon $17.00

Special – they have lahmacun and pides
Lahmacun’s and Pides $10 – $13.50
Seven’s Special Pide $13.00

Baklava $4.00
Almond pudding $4.50