New York – Mar 16 2006

Dancing With Eastern Europeans

ONLINE RSVP IS CLOSED as of 8:30 am on 3/16 due to the overwhelming popularity of the event. We are NOT able to add any names manually based on your emails/voicemails today. You are welcome to attend as a “walk-in” (non-registered extra guests are walk-ins as well) but we can not guarantee you will get in, all registered members/their registered guests have priority. NON REGISTERED ATTENDEES WILL BE CHARGED $20 at the door (cash, exact change or a check made to EuroCircle). We recommend you arrive early, before 8 pm.

All our co-hosts will wear a name badge.

Mimoza Cakrani will play flute very likely around 6:30 pm to 7 pm for a while.
Valeria will bellydance most like after 9 pm.

EuroCircle presents in association with

Mimoza Cakrani, Musician (our flutist for the evening)/The Bank of New York, Albania
Larissa Belova, Belarus
Consulate General Of Bulgaria, Nikolay Milkov, Ambassador, Consul General
Zornitza Taleva, Bulgaria
Consulate General of Estonia in New York, Peeter Restsinski, Consul General
The Estonian American Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Krista Altok Tassa, President, Estonia/USA
Estonia House New York, Eve Saar, Estonia, Andrew Gonczi, one of the founders of New York Hungarian connection
AnnaBlanca Teleky, PR/Image Consultant, Hungary
Valentine Valuca, Prudential, Lithuania
Hanna – EuroCircle Team, Poland
Cinema Brasserie and Cinema Restaurants, Agata Galanis, Poland
Hanna Plucinski, EuroFilm Society, President, Poland
Romania – Permanent Mission to the UN, Mihnea Motoc, Ambassador
Consulate General of Romania, Pietro L. Pavoni, Consul General
Consulate General of Romania, Adrian Cristea, Consul -Economic Affairs
Ion Ionescu, Pianist, Romania
Romanian Business Professional Association, RBPA, Sandra Petrisor
Consulate General of the Russian Federation, Philip Rybin, Vice Consul (Chief of Protocol)
The Russian American Cultural Center, Dr. Regina Khidekel
Council for trade and economic cooperation (USA-Russia), Olga Lutsenko
The Russian Book Club/UN, Alexandre Toubolets (Belarus)
Andrijana Pantic, Serbia and Montenegro
www.slovakinfo.comOto Racek, Brano Novak
Stella Szantova, Slovakia
Turkish Trade Office, Tuba Icen, Commercial Attache
Consulate General of Turkey, Murat Omeroglu, Deputy Consul of Turkey,, Yaman Erim, Turkey Ozgur Madak, Turkey
Victoria Vinokur, Prudential Douglas Elliman, Ukraine

A flute perfomance by Mimoza Cakrani likely around 6:30 / 7 pmish
The bellydancer will perform after 9 pm

Cash Bar.

No door fee from the registered guests (online RSVP required).

ATTIRE: business, trendy, sexy, dressy (please do not wear sneakers etc)

Complimentary appetizers from 7 pm to 8 pm. Courtesy of 58.

Each and every person has to be registered by NAME (not me + 3 guests). If you are NOT a member of EuroCircle, feel free to also send your rsvp by email (first and last name, country of origin) to Subject: March 16 RSVP. OR you can sign up for a FREE member, and then you can register yourself and any other guests (as well as enjoy all the other member features i.e. searching members by country of origin, posting your profile, sending messages to other members and more..)

Criteria what is EASTERN European…we simplified the process by using East vs. West.

There have been many theories about the origin of belly dancing, but most evidence links it to the Middle East and Africa. Some say it was originated by the Phoenicians; others claim that it was introduced into Egypt by the Turks. Egyptian tomb paintings dating from as far back as the fourteenth century BC depict partially clad dancers whose callisthenic positions appear to be very similar to those used in belly dancing.

Tonight – since we are spolighting TURKEY this month and on April 1 have our TURKISH NIGHT – you will have a little taste of Turkey by VALERIA, who will perform also on April 1. The danse du ventre (literally belly dance) of Turkish origin was introduced to Paris by Turkish women. They exhibited it in Midway Plaisance of the Colombian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, and then at the California Midwinter Exposition in San Francisco. As performed by Turkish women the dance consists of control and movement of the abdominal and chest muscles; hence its other name ‘muscle dance’. Varied with graceful steps and gyrations, cymbals an scarves, it was performed solo, accompanied by male Turkish musicians with Turkish instruments.