Meet Veera and Brandon in Austin

We love to feature our members as you all know.  So just before our 20th anniversary party we wanted you to meet brand-new Austin members whom you will meet at W Austin on Friday, Jan 11 2019.

Vera and Brandon recently moved from Dallas to Austin.
They both are health professionals, Veera as a Master Movement Trainer and Brandon as a Holistic Health Coach.

Originally from Finland, Veera has a lifetime of athletics and fitness under her belt. Veera is a Master Fitness Trainer who was a professional volleyball player before becoming a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Veera has traveled around the world as a Fitness Director on luxurious cruise ships helping people from different countries to stay fit while traveling. She received her Master in Kinesiology* degree from UNT and has her own Personal Training business in Texas and Online. She specializes in Mobility, Functional Training, Yoga and Zumba. Veera loves sharing her expansive knowledge and specializes in helping expats restart a safe, personalized exercise program with proper techniques. She makes exercising convenient for the people, and coaches them at their houses or parks close to them.
*”Kinesiology is the scientific study of human or non-human body movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, biomechanical, and psychological dynamic principles and mechanisms of movement. Applications of kinesiology to human health (i.e., human kinesiology) include biomechanics and orthopedics; strength and conditioning; sport psychology; methods of rehabilitation, such as physical and occupational therapy; and sport and exercise. Studies of human and animal motion include measures from motion tracking systems, electrophysiology of muscle and brain activity, various methods for monitoring physiological function, and other behavioral and cognitive research techniques. Wikipedia.”.


The training business is called VekeFitness. Veera’s sister called Veera as Veke since she was a child and shortly became a popular nickname for her. Veera decided to open her own fitness practice as she understood that she has so much information related to fitness and nutrition that people are unaware of. What also drives Veera to help and share the information is that when she played competitive volleyball she was never communicated WHY they were doing all the exercises. Now that she understands how the body works and what exercise works on what, she wants to educate her clients that they have a better understanding of their own body.

Veera believes any success in life starts with yourself. Everything starts with a thought and determination. Once you commit to them and consistently work towards it you will succeed sooner or later. If you have decided to change your exercise habits or nutritional habits, next step is to commit to change your current habits. Once you commit, consistent work will result in your success. If we set unrealistic, unattainable goals the road to success takes longer or might not even ever happen. Life happens outside the comfort zone and our goals need to be set outside of them but not too far away.

Veera is known for her energetic and encouraging personality. She has learned to meet people where they are at through her experience working with over 1,000 personal training sessions and teaching over 3,500 group exercise classes. The biggest lesson she has learned along the way that every single person is different and there is no one size fits for all. Veera believes training to be a wholesome practice, not just a physical practice. Improving the physical, mental and emotional health is vital for the growth as a human being.

“She was with me in my up and down moments, helping me to keep up my strength and not forget my health, and control my nutrition. She taught me how I can listen and understand my body. She has a very positive and motivational approach that helped me to reach my goals and get over my body fear. With Veera, I accomplished my first 5k and now she pushed me to the 10K long distance. I am confident she was the essential ingredient of my adoption to a healthier lifestyle.”

Marwah Halwani, Saudi-Arabia

Veera plans to build her training business both locally in Austin and online.

Veera is active on social media platforms and has her YouTube site for Movement, Yoga and Zumba videos. Currently Veera has Movement Training Challenge 2019 – YouTube video series available where she launches a new movement everyday for the month of January, 2019.

Veera loves connecting with people from different cultures and going to coffee shops. Veera also balances her work and life by cooking nutritious dishes, going Latin dancing and developing herself in multiple areas of life. Veera is excited to connect with EuroCircle members and explore Austin together.

Brandon, originally from Dallas, is Certified in Functional Nutrition, Yoga, Eating Psychology, and Qigong.

Combining ancient eastern healing modalities with advanced western science, Brandon also has a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Sport Sciences from Texas Tech University.

Previously a Senior Consultant for the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL and Arizona Diamondbacks of MLB, he now primarily helps conscious entrepreneurs who are having health issues around their weight, energy levels, or mental performance. His coaching uses a combination of functional lab tests, mindfulness, and body awareness, in order to empower his clients to not only better understand their own unique bodies, but also have sustainable tools to keep it operating at its best. He loves traveling internationally, foreign/independent films, good wine, and connecting with other like-minded individuals who are passionate about personal growth, human connection, and conscious living. He looks forward to meeting and learning more about the diverse group of EuroCircle members in the near future.


If you would like to learn more about their stories and businesses, links to their websites and social media are below.