Houston – Anna Veselova from Russia

Remember when you wake up in the morning and there is a slight memory of some fairy dream that fades away? I love that feeling and to catch the moment was always the biggest mystery for me.

I’m involved in photography as long as I remember, but I never really tried to express myself through taking pictures until I saw a lot of talented photographers on Flickr 5 years ago. Then 2 years ago it became really serious after I almost suddenly moved from Moscow to Houston. It wasn’t the easiest time for me and I wanted to show not what I saw through lens, but what I was searching for.

Everything what was behind the subject became my subject. At the same time I started self-photography (some make it as project 365). I ended up looking at the absolute chaos in pictures full of lights, blurry subjects and emotions. But I knew I caught my fading moment then.

Socrat dog came from another big dream. Like Nutcracker he has his own toy life full of adventures. Sometimes he shares his stories with me and I make these little fairy tales on my photographs.

I don’t really know who Socrat is (this dog of mystery even has a twitter!), but he does look like a dog and so I teach him some dog commands (just in case), also he’s pretty good in mathematics and geography. We really make a good team together and I would call it a perfect human and dog collaboration.

I now also involved in doing photography for Houston Cinema Arts Festival (HCAF). This is an absolutely amazing experience to me: I can do what I love the most and I have the opportunity to meet talented filmmakers, and actors who generously share their views and ideas with the audience.

Last year HCAF invited Robert Redford, and Christy Turlington and the year before it was Ethan Hawke with his new movies. The good news is that everybody can be the part of the festival just by subscribing to the newsletter http://cinemartsociety.org or simply become a member. This year’s dates of the festival are: November 6-13, and I’m so looking forward to be the part of the team again!

NOTE: this article is provided for us by the Houston team member Shahla Mohammad and Anna Veselova! Thank you ladies!