How Much Do You Actually Know About Europe? [Quiz]


Many of you have asked us to feature some of the volunteers who organize different activities for EuroCircle around the country. Our first “chapter” was started in 1999 in New York City before the Internet fully recognized and accepted as a great media to connect people.

Our current New York team leader Alexandra works for an interactive technology platform
DilogR is great for EuroCircle as we can use it to entertain and educate you all about different topics. We all know that one image can tell you more than 1,000 words so we will actually SHOW you what she does – and you can be part of it too. Take the DilogR powered Europe Quiz (above) to find out one of the fun and engaging ways we plan to use DilogR Platform.

We would love you to share your quizzes like this with us.

Tuesday, Sept 27 is Alex’s birthday so we thought we share a bit more of her life with you.
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