Europe’s Early Education Leavers – Which Countries Are NOT Doing That Well With Young People

Eurostat recently releases stats that say that whopping  21.9 percent of young people in Spain were early leavers from education and training in 2014. That is more than any other EU country.

Early leavers from education and training may face considerable difficulties looking for jobs.  The employers may be more reluctant to take them on with their limited education.

An average of 11.2 % of young people (aged 18–24) in the EU were early leavers from education and training in 2014.    The early leavers are defined as young people having completed at most a lower secondary education and not being in further education or training during the four weeks preceding the survey.

I was surprised to see that Italy and the UK also have a higher leaving rate than the EU average with 15.0 and 11.8 percent respectively.  Turkey in particular has a very high rate of younger people departing education and training – 38.3 percent.

Infographic: Where Are Europe's Early Education Leavers? | Statista
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