Chicago – Feb 15 2018

Spread the Love this February with EuroCircle. Cocktails and Whiskey Libations at the Drumbar 18th Floor at the Raffaello hotel on the 18th floor.
(there is no sign outside for Drumbar)

6-9p.m. drink specials, dj

Your hosts

Marjana Vucic, Monika Janiak and Maria Dollas

Chicago – Jan 31 2018

EuroCircle Mixer at the new ACE Hotel Waydown Bar (7th Fl)

Join the local Europeans to celebrate EuroCircle’s 19th annivesary in casual and fun environment at this new boutique hotel ACE featured even by Architectural Digest.
It has really been 19 years since the first event took place in NYC – and 18 years in Chicago.

The Waydown Bar is located on the 7fl at the ACE hotel.
The Chicago Google office is located across the street

See you there on Wednesday. January 31st Ace Hotel Waydown Bar 7fl – from 6 pm to 9 pm. ( Green Line Morgan Stop is a block away from Google.)

No Cover.

Hosted by:

Marjana Vucic

Yulia Tokanina (TBA)

More details will be posted shortly

Karolina Zelenekiene, Chicago based young graphic designer/make-up artist from Lithuania

My name is Karolina Zelenekiene. I am 23 years old graphic designer and make-up artist from Lithuania. For those who don’t know, Lithuania is   a country in the Baltic region of northern-eastern Europe.  It is a former Soviet bloc nation bordering Poland, Latvia and Belarus. Our lovely capital Vilnius  is known for its medieval Old Town, a UNESCO listed historic centre.  Lithuania’s historic heritage sets it quite apart from the other two Baltic countries.

Those of you who are travelled in Eastern Europe may have heard about Lithuanian dishes such as zeppelins (cepelinai) and cold red beet soup (šaltibarščiai).

This year brought a lot of changes into my life. First of all I got married to a  wonderful man wife after 4 years together.   I  graduated from the Vilnius Academy off Arts (graphic design degree).  Lastly,  my husband and I decided to move to Chicago.

This is the first trip so far away from my hometown. And it is  not just a trip,  we are starting a new life together in Chicago.  I have never been so far away from Lithuania. I have never lived in another country more than 2 months. If I ever went anywhere, it was only  for a holiday. In Chicago we have lived only 3 months.  That means we have not gotten to know to know the city very well yet.

After we visited downtown Chicago, we decided that we want live in there one day.  We currently live in Willowbrook.

The biggest passion in my life in addition to design is make-up. It is a hobby I have had for about 3 years. It all started as I like to do make-up on myself. For my birthday I got professional make-up courses as a gift. First  I took the courses to do professional make-up on myself.  When I learned more I started doing make-up for my friends and for clients.  By the time I finished the make-up courses I had created  a logo, business cards and facebook page for myself.  I participated for unpaid photo shoots only to learn and train on new faces and get  new photos for my fan page.

Little by little my circle of clients expanded in Lithuania and I ended working almost all weekends. Some of my clients were upset, when I told them that I will move abroad.  When we came to Chicago  my husband suggested I continue my hobby.  He knows what I like –  so I started to promote myself. Right now only  Lithuanian girls come to my for professional make-up.  However,  I hope that in future I can attract other nationalities as well.  I’m very new in Chicago.  It  is always harder to start from scratch, but in time I hope so that my clientele will grow to what I had in Lithuania.

I  am happy to all kinds of make-up from bridal make-up to fashion shoots, special effects or Halloween make-up. I love Halloween as a celebration because it allows me to  experiment with special effects.


In the future I may open my own Make-up studio.
In addition of doing make-up for the clients I could teach girls  how to do make-up for themselves (or their clients).
I can not imagine my life without both of my passions – make-up and graphic design.

If would like me to help you with your make-up or design, my information is below.

Email Karolina
Instagram: karolinak_makeup and karolinadesign

Chicago – Oct 18 2017

A conversation with Jean-Pierre Comte, president of Barilla America

by Italian Expo

Join us, on Wednesday October 18th, for a business talk overviewing the main trends in the American food industry.
Jean-Pierre Comte, president of Barilla America will analyze the topic and explain how the main actors in the industry are anticipating and tackling new challenges.
The discussion will be followed by a cocktail reception along with some food pairings, exclusively prepared by Barilla chefs.


Jean-Pierre Comte, President of BARILLA Americas is based in Chicago, IL. In his current role, JP is responsible for the North and South America operations of one of the world’s largest Italian food companies.

Jean-Pierre has 25 years global experience in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry that began at PROCTER & GAMBLE where he held positions in Sales, Trade Marketing, Shopper Marketing, and General Management. Through his increasing responsibilities at P&G he was relocated from his native France to Italy and Switzerland. Jean-Pierre joined Barilla in March 2010, where he was Vice President in charge of Western Europe, before moving to Chicago in September 2013.

He is passionate about the Consumers, Customers and Employees he has the opportunity to serve every day.

Since moving to the United States, Jean-Pierre has been unwavering in his leadership and engagement in promoting of diversity and inclusion. He is an ambassador for activities within BARILLA both locally and worldwide, as well as several Non-Profit arenas.

Jean-Pierre is an MBA graduate of NEOMA Business School (France).

Italian Expo Business Talks is series of seminars addressing the most important trends and changes across different industries, in an informal way.

Meet Croatian-born guitarist Goran Ivanovic from Chicago

One of the most versatile, skilled, and curious musicians in Chicago, guitarist Goran Ivanovic has built a career built upon exploration.

Born and raised in Osijek – Croatia, he was in the midst of studying at the prestigious Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria with masters like Elliot Fisk and Joaquin Clerch when his parents (his father is a Serb, his mother a Bosnian Croat) were expelled in the late 90s; the family was granted asylum in the US and they settled in Chicago.

Since his arrival he’s displayed a deep interest in collaboration, steadily expanding his stylistic range well beyond the European classical music and Balkan sounds he was fluently versed in when he arrived. These days his repertoire not only incorporates those disciplines, but jazz and flamenco as well.

He’s recorded duet albums with the great Pakistani-Chilean jazz guitarist Fareed Haque as well as Greek-American musician Andreas Kapsalis. He’s a key member of the quartet Eastern Blok with Matt Ulery, Doug Rosenberg, and Michael Caskey, a combo that deftly surveys the folk music of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Serbia in a distinctly jazz-oriented context, embroidering timeless Balkan melodies and rhythms with sophisticated improvisational gambits.

Most recently, Goran released an eponymous trio album with bassist Ulery and percussionist Pete Tashjian where he’s achieved a stunning assimilation of his many influences, creating a hybrid all his own. Reviewing the new album for All About Jazz, Budd Kopman wrote, “It is easy to get lost in Ivanovic’s technique, especially if one plays (or attempts to play) Classical style guitar, in a jazz style or not.”

The trio’s agility has also been noted. As Jeff Elbel wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times, “The trio are recognized for their individual virtuosity, but they show particular excellence as a unit able to stop on a dime and twist gracefully through the trickiest hairpin turns together on local stages.”

Connect with Goran Ivanovic:

GoranGuitar at Facebook

CONCERTS: calendar


This is just one example we picked as it mentioned another EuroCircle member Ian Maksin.

October 21, 2016 Jeff Elbel
Chicago-based guitarist Goran Ivanovic has shared the stage with boundary-pushing local artists including current Claudettes’ drummer Michael Caskey in the pair’s former group Eastern Blok, as well as classical and jazz master Fareed Haque and renowned cellist Ian Maksin. The Croatian native’s stirring style incorporates jazz, traditional Balkan, flamenco and classical styles.

Ivanovic’s rich discography is often signified by “Seven Boats,” a powerful collaboration with Haque released in 2004 that made a strong impression with its unusual fusion of classical, jazz and world music influences. The title track was reprised on an eponymous 2005 release by the Goran Ivanovic Group. Other key collaborations included 2009’s duo album with innovative Greek-American Chicago-based fingerstyle guitarist Andreas Kapsalis.

Currently, Ivanovic is celebrating the debut release by his Goran Ivanovic Trio with bassist Matt Ulery and drummer Pete Tashjian. The trio are recognized for their individual virtuosity, but they show particular excellence as a unit able to stop on a dime and twist gracefully through the trickiest hairpin turns together on local stages including those at City Winery and the Whistler. The trio’s upcoming show is a return visit to Jazz Showcase.

The trio’s new album features concert highlights like the spirited roots-music influence of “Alvorada Americana,” in which Ivanovic tumbles through lilting arpeggios and chiming harmonics on his nylon-string guitar before the rhythm joins him in crashing acoustic rock. The moody and haunting “Patient Zero” creates a disquieted but compelling mood. “Querido Paco” pays homage to flamenco giant Paco De Lucia.

Maksin joins the trio for the undulating “Maurice’s Ragtime,” a beautifully impressionistic piece honoring French composer Maurice Ravel with its intoxicating and sublime atmosphere. If it’s not in the set list at Jazz Showcase when Maksin shares the bill with Ivanovic, patrons should demand it as an encore.

Chicago – Jul 13 2017


Organized by Alliance Française de Chicago

Look back on the last monarchy of France right before Bastille Day!

With Gloria Groom, Chair of the European Painting and Sculpture Department, Art Institute of Chicago

Who hasn’t heard of the extravagant French queen, Marie Antoinette? Sofia Coppola places the glamour of the House of Bourbon in a contemporary lens with whimsical colors, luxurious costumes, fabulous parties, and a fun soundtrack. Filmed at the Palace of Versailles starring Kirsten Dunst, this masterpiece looks at the infamous queen’s life in a compassionate and humanistic way. Watch history unfold with the events leading up to the storming of the Bastille prison. We all know how this one ends, but never have you seen it in through the eyes of 21st century Hollywood.  Remember the beginning of liberté, égalité, and fraternité before celebrating the Fête Nationale.

$9 Admission with a glass of our favorite French wine, Louis Jadot


Chicago – Apr 10 2017

Magnolia Pictures has kindly offered EuroCircle Chicago FREE passes to an advance screening of the film scheduled for Monday, April 10 2017 7:00pm
Note – you need to LOGIN with your email/password to print the pass out.

Written and Directed by: Daniele Thompson
Starring: Guillaume Canet and Guillaume Gallienne

Synopsis: CÉZANNE ET MOI traces the parallel paths of the lives and careers of post-impressionist painter Paul Cézanne and novelist Émile Zola, from school pals in Aix-en-Provence to working artists in Paris, while exploring their fears and ambitions. Through a slew of flashbacks, we see the two grow up to share a mutual love of art and beautiful women. Zola, who was fatherless and poor, dreams of becoming a writer and eventually joins the very bourgeoisie he mocked in his youth. Meanwhile Cézanne, who came from a wealthy background, wound up rejecting society to focus entirely on his work, which was only recognized at the very end of his life. CÉZANNE ET MOI, a polished period piece, boldly paints a picture of two 19th century masters.

( In Select Chicago Theaters: April 14, 201)

Read More or ask Sherry at the event.

Chicago – Mar 29 2017


We’d like to extend our warmest invitation to a special free film screening on Wednesday, March 29 at 6:30 p.m. by the Alliance Française de Chicago. As part of their Festival de la Francophonie, Oscar-nominated Quebec director Yan England will introduce his film 1:54 which just won le Prix du Public at the Festival du Film Francophone de Rome. The film will also be shown at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on March 30.

High school has been hard for Tim, who goes out of his way to avoid provoking the local bullies. But when his only friend and crush Francis meets tragedy at their hands, Tim decides to take his own revenge. He joins the track team, gunning for the head bully in the 800-meter dash – but will things go as planned? A dark drama that looks at sports, adolescent angst and the cruelty of bullying…

In French with English subtitles, followed by a Q & A with film director and reception. REGISTER, please click HERE.

We hope you will be able to spread the word and join the Alliance Française de Chicago for this amazing opportunity and celebrate the last event of the Festival de la Francophonie with their partners from Canada and Quebec in Chicago!

A bientôt!

Chicago – Apr 09 2010

Friday, April 9

Join us for our new event series
Have a taste for the foreign- and we mean food! We’re featuring the finest food from the world around – right here in our own city!

Join us this month for a taste of Italy @ ORVIETTO! In addition to a full Northern Italian inspred menu, we’ll be featuring authentic Tuscon style thin crust pizzas all night for just $5!!

We’ll also be featuring $3 draft pints from their extensive beer selection for the discerning beer drinkers out there!

DJs Curley & Castro

So bring your appetites and dancing shoes – hope to see you there!

**EuroCircle Private Event**
Complimentary admission just for us!

Chicago – Dec 07 2016

EuroCircle Chicago Holiday party on Wednesday, December 7 at

Tis the Season…to TANGO!
Please join us along with your hosts, Maria Alfarov and Sebastian Casanova at their beautiful new venue- Artango Bar and Steakhouse! We are way overdue for a great night of mixing and mingling with all of you and we are so looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces along with all the new members who have recently joined us!!
Maria and Sebastian have lots of goodies in store for us including a special EC menu for the evening, music, dancing and more! This event CAN NOT be missed, trust us!!!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Plus invite all your friends to join us. If you are logged in at Facebook, Twitter or linkedin you can use that login to create a profile at EuroCircle.
Just please make sure to check that your eurocircle city is CHICAGO and all information is correct.
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