Boston – Dec 05 2001

Informal Get-Together

Let’s get together informally to keep up the good spirit. Contact

Rande Gerber has made a name for himself as the man behind Cindy Crawford and a slew of ultra trendy, ultra successful New York bars.
Whiskey Park, Gerber’s first Boston outpost, attracts a diverse crowd, from leather-clad Euros to Beacon Hill hipsters. The Décor Dark wood and sexy dim lighting conspire with old shots of Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger, sending us back to 1970s Manhattan.

Lanky waitresses in hip hugging black dresses exude attitude but remain courteous and attentive. On weekends the bar fills up at around 8pm. Show up
early to avoid standing in line. The tables are always “reserved,” but just cop a spot. If you’re ordering drinks or, even better, food it’s unlikely
anyone will give you the boot. There’s a light selection of average-quality finger foods (quesadillas, chicken skewers and burgers) for early-evening nibbling or for those alcohol-induced munchies.