Austin – January 18 2014

PRIVATE: 15th Anniversary Celebration, Book Launch & More

Join us at this semi-private Party at Kaisa’s & Gary’s 32nd Fl apartment to celebrate EuroCircle’s 15th anniversary, Gary’s Crowdfunding: The Next Big Thing book launch, our start-up and more.
The book is FREE (Kindle version) until Sunday Jan 19 onAmazon so download it now!

Gary’s/Kaisa’as exact address & phone numbers was sent on Friday night to the registered actual attendees at
You MUST be on the list to attend (**the building security) to make sure we are OK space wise.
SPACE IS LIMITED. (Call at 512-551-3552 or email kaisa (at) eurocircle (dot) com if you did not get the email but check first your EuroCircle email address)

This will be an event organized in a potluck spirit. Kaisa will provide all utensils, around 20 bottles of wines, some non-alc0holic drinks and a few other items.
Everyone needs to bring something, all will be posted in EuroCircle forum (comments under the event info) so you have a clear what you would like to contribute.

GIFT BAG: The first 60 plus EuroCircle guests will receive a lovely LUMENE skin care gift package (Time Freeze Night Cream, Day Cream and Sensitive Touch Cleansing wipes)