Atlanta – Feb 07 2018

Happy Friday everyone:

Please join us for our February Get-together at Tongue & Groove on Wednesday (February 7th). Please note start time for this event will be at 8:00pm (NOT OUR USUAL 7:30PM) as the venue typically opens up later but has made arrangements to open early for us this particular night. We will meet upstairs in the private area overlooking the venue which has a great ambiance along with a separate bar as well as plentiful couches and chairs for relaxation. Starting at 9:00pm, those of you interested can venture downstairs for free salsa lessons or simply observe the action from our location above. Complementary appetizers will not be on hand this time but I will have a limited amount of beer and wine drink tickets which I will randomly hand out. Parking garage will be on the left upon entering the plaza or you can opt for $5 valet parking at entrance of the venue. Please be sure to invite all your international and like-minded friends so we can get a good turnout for this event.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday!!!

Atlanta Eurocircle