Houston – Deniz Kabuloglu

Our April 2013 Houston member of the month is Deniz Kabuloglu – whom you all met at our last event in Houston.

Who are you?

I am a Mexican/Turkish multimedia artist living in Houston. Currently taking photographs of chimps for a show to help the Jane Goodall Institute, and on my spare time I promote my Tequila brand OneShot. I have a bathroom blog and am a lover of the moments between the moments. I am constantly trying to learn new things.

What does being an ‘artist’ mean to you?

Art is my way of existing. Bad art is art that isn’t made from the heart. I consider myself a creative person. I hate being type-cast. I am a woman, I am a human.

What do you create?

I create versions, visions of me. My feelings and opinions towards life and the world. Circumstances, moments..

What inspires you?

I am inspired by life, what goes on around me, the absurd, human relations, animals. Some of my favorite artists are Da Vinci, Hopper, Picasso, Basquiat, Baker, Caravaggio but I am also fascinated by people that have transformed each industry by following their dreams, like Jane Goodall or Diana Vreeland. And I also love the realness, rawness of problems, of bureaucracy, whenever I can I am re-reading a Kafka book. I believe the world is more malleable than you think, I also believe in magic moments that go unnoticed, and I stay there, mindful.

What is your favorite medium with which to work?

I would say whatever’s at hand. I think you have to play with what you’ve got.

I am constantly evolving in my medium. I never want to ’mold cakes‘. I love to challenge myself, to do what I haven’t tried and to never settle. And that reflects in each of the projects I have planned. There’s so much to do in the world, to just be interested in doing one thing would limit my life. I do it with purpose, I think each of us has a rent to pay for being given this gift, time. And we should all collaborate in our own way. I enjoy hearing other forms of thought and closing the gaps between this contrasting world we live in. As humans, we are capable of beautiful dreams and horrible nightmares, but we are not alone. And I am positive.

Which of your pieces says the most about you as an artist? Why?

I think each piece I have made is a universe in itself, full of detail, thought and some improvisation, but the character I created io, who lives in art and travels through life, encompasses a lot of what I am, I’ve done and want to do. It’s just full possibilities, as we all are. io is on a journey, we’ll see what comes next.

How does Mexico play a part in your work?

It is my roots, my history, my culture. It reflects on everything I do wherever I am

What do you hope to accomplish with your pieces?

If by doing what I love I am able to help raise awareness about the issues that I care about, just that alone would make the whole experience a great achievement to me.

What’s next?

I’m working on several different projects at the moment but although most of the time I am very busy, I’m also definitely a laid back lazy person and you can often find me just sitting with the ducks at the park. I love jokes and listening to music for every moment. My current main purpose is being dedicated to supporting endangered species of animals through my work.

What’s your advice for artists just starting out?

Don’t do anything for money, do what you love. Don’t let anyone tell you no. There is always another door. Persevere for what you really want.

You can learn more about me at www.kabuloglunonsense.com and about what I do at: