Amsterdam Calling – is about expat life and it’s feelings

Meet Sanna Sneen who currently lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Who are you?

I am an expat-mom of two small girls, marketing professional and a blogger currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, because of my husband’s job. Our family is trilingual with Finnish, Swedish and English spoken daily.

What is your story?

I was going to live and work happily ever after in Finland and preferably stay in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. However, life took me to Louisville, KY through my husband’s job. Suddenly I was a stay-at-home mom in the Midwest in between cultures, finding another layer of life.

The original plan of returning to Finland changed into yet another move to a different culture, The Netherlands in 2014. I do not even need to know “our plan” anymore. I have started to live my life without knowing where I will live within the next five years. Our kids go to an international school and I have started working as a marketing communication consultant, who can work remotely from where ever.

What is Sannan kupla?

It means Sanna’s bubble and it is my blog about the emotions of expat life, raising multilingual third culture kids and about life as a human on this planet. You can also find great insider tips about Amsterdam there. All texts are both in English and Finnish.

What’s the story of Sannan kupla?

When we first moved internationally from Helsinki to Louisville, KY, I did not know what to expect. I am well traveled, have an international education and had summer jobs in Canada and Germany when growing up, but still I had no idea what to expect when transferring the life of a family with small kids across the ocean. Our youngest was just six months at that time and I had a lot of questions and worries on my mind. I started jotting down my feelings and it gradually became a blog that interested readers too.

In Kentucky, my mind first noticed everything that was different from Finland, which is typical in the transition process. After a while I started paying attention to things that we all have in common, that make us human. The world suddenly seemed a lot smaller than before.

Moving away from Finland was a mind-blowing experience to me, little surprisingly. For the ones who decide to live in one culture for their whole life, it can be hard to understand why. It is not because life would be shinier or better or bigger somewhere else, but mostly because you start seeing yourself differently. The surroundings form a big part of our identity and we often let it have a strong power in defining whom we are. When the culture you were raised in is not there to support your picture, you are forced out of your comfort zone, at least for some time. That just simply means growing. This is the part that makes expat-life so interesting. Not always easy, but interesting.

You are most welcome to come and read my thoughts in Sannan kupla.I would love to hear about your views or feelings too!

Twitter: @twitter/sannasneen