Aly Modleski from Ukraine – Balancing Life as a Mom & Artist in Austin

EuroCircle is always looking for the local Europeans to feature at the website.  It is wonderful to hear different stories how people ended here under the sun in Texas. I noticed Aly at social media with her art and
got so curious I contacted her. I asked her to tell us about herself and her art.

Please introduce yourself?

My name is Alyona Modleski, and I’m from Kyiv (often known as Kiev), the capital of Ukraine. I’ve held many positions since obtaining my Masters in Banking and Finance.  I was employed within several banks, have worked for the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, multiple Non-Government Organizations and as a United Nations office volunteer for humanitarian projects in civil rights, health, and youth rights.  Most recently, I was working at Daymon Worldwide, private brand marketing company.

My hobby and passion have always been art and painting. Since relocating to Austin in September 2015, painting has become my main occupation.

How did you get started in the art field?

My passion for art started from my family’s tradition of exploring Kyiv art fairs that would occur on Kyiv Day. Every year, on the last weekend of May, my parents, my younger brother and I would stroll along Andriyivskyy descent (Ukrainian Montparnasse) and all together we would select a small oil painting to purchase. Soon, every room of our family condo had a city landscape or a floral still-life work.

I started painting professionally six years ago, and oils have always been my main medium. 

I learned technical skills from contemporary Ukrainian artists and underwent training with the American artist Elizabeth Locke who taught me academic skills of centuries-old Dutch schooling.

What is art to you?

Art and specifically oil painting is a form of meditation to me. It’s a way of my self-expression and sharing my emotions and experiences with this world. When it is only me and the canvas, I can “let out” my inner self. The product of this meditation is always surprising, often even to me. I believe art to be the most authentic and natural way of communication with our minds, soul, and nature.

What is special about your art?

I paint mostly with the old-fashioned oils. This medium is a lot more “hassle” than with the so commonly used today acrylic paints. It requires more technical skills and much more time for the artwork to dry. Oil painting allows for a classically modest and at the same time bright and intense look.  The result of my work is a painting that has unique charm and style that I believe is only achieved through oils.

How do you define success?

Success is the feeling of satisfaction and a balance between our expectations, ambitions and actual achievements.

Did life in Austin effect you as an artist?

Oh yes, absolutely! Austin is a wonderful young city that has a fresh vibe. This culture and energy are very inspirational and refreshing to any artist. It gives me new themes and ideas to experiment with my painting. And Austinites are the most friendly and welcoming people I’ve ever met.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

I don’t haha 😊… But I am trying hard to learn this skill! Four months ago I became a mom to a beautiful baby girl and since then every day is an unpredictable amazing adventure. I’m also a step-mom to two wonderful children and wife to a fabulous husband who helps make this all work and balances the impossible.


Do you do commissioned art?

Yes, I do. No job is too big or too small to consider, and I paint many types of subject matter. For anyone who would like to have a view of their home city in the office or are thinking of having a painting of their bridal bouquet in their living room, you are welcome to CONTACT ME HERE VIA EMAIL

I make paintings from a photo and create “freestyle” abstracts in a color palette that the client finds pleasing. We always discuss a theme, size, and style of the future painting with my clients beforehand.


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