New York – Jun 20 2008

RSVP closing after 4 pm, your emails will likely not be read. You are welcome to attend but you must pay $5 more at the door

ENTERTAINMENT by Flying Kilim Entertainment – our 3 European Djs will play all night long

OPEN BAR all night

COST: $45 cash only at the door with online RSVP, NO RSVP = $50 at the door so do RSVP and make sure your guests are on the list as well.

Attire: Summer chic and trendy


Kristi Roosmaa, Estonia, Singer/Dancer
Maryly Crowder, Finland, Burberry
Marianne Halvorsen, Norway, Willis
Kasper Krogh, Denmark, Hellobrand, TBA


Saaga 1763 Vodka is 40% abv. / 80 proof and created by Master Distiller Arno Narro who recreates the original style of vodka distilled in ancient Estonian manors for hundreds of years. The vodka is made from 90% heirloom Estonian Rye and 10% Tristo summer wheat, which are harvested at the optimum time, carefully sorted , and dried with care. Rye is the Estonian national grain and they have been cultivating it since the 1100′s

All natural energy drinks – and they are YUMMY so make sure you have a taste!

Problems?? email to Kaisa at newyork (at)


This is a private party so NO DINNER MENU is available.

On the Friday closest to the actual summer solstice, Swedes, Finns and Most of the other Nordic & Baltic countries celebrate Midsummer’s Eve, taking time to rejoice in the light of the sun and the arrival of summer with traditional midsummer festivities throughout the weekend. This major holiday is usually celebrated in the heart of nature, as everyone heads out to the countryside to enjoy food, drink, games, dancing and general revelry.

The annual Swedish Midsummer Celebration will once again take place in Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park in Battery Park City on the southwestern tip of Manhattan on June 20, 2008. This year’s celebration will feature Allsång in Battery Park (sing-along). Families and children of all ages are welcome to help decorate the midsummer pole, make flower wreaths, play traditional games, and dance to the authentic fiddle music of Paul Dahlin and fiddlers from the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. The ring dancing will be led by Jeanne Eriksson Widman. Food stands will offer traditional delicacies from New York’s finest Swedish restaurants.

Swedish Midsummer Celebration
Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Park
Battery Park City
New York, NY
Friday, June 20, 2008
5–8 pm

The Swedish Midsummer Festival is presented by Battery Park City Parks Conservancy and co-sponsored by the Consulate General of Sweden in New York and the following contributors:

Ambassador and Mrs. Lyndon L. Olson Jr.
Investor AB

NOTE: The Consulate General of Sweden in New York does NOT organize or sponsor any midsummer event other than the celebration in Battery Park City.

Midsummer is celebrated each year between the 20th and 26th of June, at the lightest point of the year. It is the biggest summer celebration in Finland, and signals the start of “the real summer”. It is a celebration of light, summer and a “night less” night. The name “Juhannus”, as the Midsummer is called in Finnish, originates from John the Baptist (“Johannes” in Finnish), who’s commemoration-, and birthday is celebrated in Midsummer. Midsummer is also a Finnish Flag Day. The Flags are raised at 18.00 on Midsummer Eve and lowered at 21.00 on Midsummer evening.

The history of Midsummer celebrations date back to pagan times. In East-Finland, it was called “the celebration of Ukko” (Ukko was the Finnish god of thunder, the most important of the Finnish gods, because he created rain, the essential ingredient for a good harvest). According to an old belief, the short night of Midsummer tempted witches, fairies and elves to tease people or to show them their future happiness. This is why Midsummer has been linked to magic and many believes. Even today it is popular among young girls to pick flowers on midsummer night and to place them under their pillows in the hope that their future husbands will be revealed to them in their dreams.

Many Midsummer traditions from the past are still followed today, one of them the building of the “kokko”, a huge bonfire by the water. All over Finland, close to midnight on Midsummer Eve, the bonfires are ceremoniously lit. In Finland bonfires were first made in the eastern parts of the country and from there the tradition quickly spread all over Finland. In the past whole villages would gather together around the bonfire, and strict rules were followed as to how and when the fire was lit. It was usually the oldest man in the village, who received the great honour of lighting the fire.

In Ahvenanmaa and in Swedish-Finnish coastal areas, the bonfires are replaced with Midsummer poles. The origin and the meaning of this tradition is not exactly known, but there are some theories. According to one of them, the pole could have been a representation of Scandinavian fertility rites dating back to pagan times. Another theory is, that it was introduced to Scandinavia by Hanseatics in medieval times.

An old tradition in Midsummer is to decorate houses and doorways with young birch trees and flowers. Midsummer decorations represent the beginning of summer. In the past, herdsmen in the countryside, decorated cattle with flowers to ensure a rich milk production. Traditional Midsummer foods were dairy products, because after a long winter indoors, cows once again started to produce more milk, after they were again able to graze the rich green summer fields. Nowadays dairy products are often replaced with grilled sausages and new potatoes.

During the Midsummer, many open-air dance festivals are arranged and most of the cities have big bonfires for people to gather around and see, however many Finns prefer to celebrate this special occasion in the countryside, at their summer houses together with friends and relatives. Saunas are warmed up, fresh birch whisks are prepared, traditional Finnish songs are heard playing on the radio, sausages are grilled and drinks aplenty are enjoyed. This is the time to relax and enjoy the magical “Night less Night” and welcome the summer.

Unfortunately the Midsummer in Finland also has a sad side. Every year statistics indicate that many people drown during this particular period, as many “Juhannus” celebrations are held close to water. Under the influence of alcohol common sense is forgotten resulting in unnecessary accidents.

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New York – Jun 20
Friday, June 20, 2008 in New York at 9:00 pm – 3:00 am


New York – Jun 11 2008

RSVP closed due to the overwhelming popularity of the event

Money, Power and Deals – and Romance

EuroCircle is partnering with AskDestiny, a network of leading entrepreneurs and dealmakers to bring wealth-builders together to socialize and have a great time. EuroCircle has a global reach and 12,000 members just in NYC area in its social and business network.

Your hosts will be i.e:

Gary Spirer, AskDestiny, CEO
John O’Brien, Aegis Capital, Managing Director
Yao-Hui Huang, Gigapixel Creative, CEO
Raylette Smith, Agent for Models (Le Monde Management)
Amy Wu, Writer at the Deal
Keith Matthew, SelfMasterySecrets, President
Kaisa Kokkonen, EuroCircle, Founder
Lisa Bramwell, EuroCircle & Four Seasons Grill Room Manager

GENTLEMEN MUST WEAR JACKETS, TIES ARE OPTIONAL. If you forgot yours, they can borrow you one.

Led by suave, European host-owners Alex von Bidder and Julian Niccolini Four Seasons Restaurant delivers superior service, first-class Continental cuisine to an urbane crowd that is considered “who’s who in the city”. The regulars tout lunching among “power players” in the Grill Room or dining in the Serene “Pool Room” at night. The Four Seasons philosophy is “less is more” – figures it was designed by Philip Johnson and Mies can der Rohe. And yes, it is expensive – but guess what, you are worth it! Treat yourself!


Grill Room & Bar Savories range from:
Soft Shell Crabs ($8) to Sirloin Paillard, Herb Fries ($28)

Wines by the Glass:
Sancerre, Chateau de Sancerre $15
Chardonnay, Louis Latour $15
Pinot grigio, Trelano $15
Sauvignon Blanc, Julian of the Seasons, Napa 2006 $15
Pinot Noir, Cuvee A $15
Al Passo, Tolaini $15
Piper-Heidsick $15 etc

Beer $7

Mixed Drinks $15

Chicago – May 22 2008

You know summer is almost here (or supposed to be) when we’re back at our favorite warm weather venue- Zella!

Zella has been a longtime EuroCircle favorite- with it’s beautiful outdoor beer garden, friendly staff, and great specials and food and drinks, it’s the pefect place for mingling and meeting- and eating yummy barbeque sandwiches!

We’ll be featuring great specials including:2 Bud and Bud lt. bottles and Bud Lt. drafts, $2 well drinks, $3 call drinks (including Red Bull). Also $1 hot dogs, $2 burgers, $3 Chicken sandwiches.

So come join us as we kick off the summer season- proper attire NOT required! 🙂

$10 admission
EuroCircle private event

Featuring DJ Greg Bauer for our late night entertainment

**We will be here rain or shine- but hopefully it’ll be shine!

Chicago – Jun 12 2008

Ok, we’re taking a little break from doing outdoor events because we are control freaks- and unfortunately we can not control the weather- so, we are hosting our next Thursday networking night at the very luxurious and spicy Crimson Lounge.

Located in the lobby of the Sax Hotel, Crimson Lounge is very, very cozy with lots of overstuffed couches and chairs, and plenty of room for mingling- and dancing later on…

Drink specials are still TBD, but in the meantime, plan on wearing something swanky because there is a dress code for this venue…

Featuring DJ Greg Bauer for your late night entertainment

$10 admission
EuroCircle Private Event

Chicago – Jun 27 2008

Ah, the 80′s- the decade of big hair, neon socks, and great music- and we’re bringing it all back for just one night at this very special event!

Who can resist dancing to Madonna (the old stuff!) and Michael Jackson??

We’ll be hosting this event at the brand new MaxBar- a gorgeous new tavern/lounge/club that seriously will please ALL tastes- hang out in the edgy tavern/lounge if you’d like to discuss Culture Club’s greatest hits, or hit the dance floor if you’re a dancing queen! MaxBar’s different levels and rooms are sure to please all tastes!

Drink specials will be announced shortly!

80′s attire strongly suggested! Mullets optional!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Featuring DJ’s John Curley and Marc Buxton
$10 admission
EC Private Event

Atlanta – May 08 2008

Organized by the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern US in cooperation with EuroCircle, the Danish-American Chamber of Commerce, The Ireland Chamber of Commerce in the United States, the Russian- American Chamber of Commerce, the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Atlanta.

Join us for the YEC European Social Mixer
Thursday, May 8, 2008, 7 – 10 pm
Come and celebrate with us the European Day which marks the foundation of the European Union on May 9, 1950. Don’t miss this unique networking opportunity at AIKO and enjoy light Hour d‘oeuvre. Cash bar! Free entry to Aiko’s Thursday night After Work Party.

$5 for YEC’s, International Chamber members, EuroCircle members (Must be registered online so we can provide the list for them for payments at the door)
$20 for Non-members
Please RSVP by
Friday, May 2, 2008:

You can pay at the door (cash only)

GACC South, 530 Means Street Suite 120, Atlanta, GA 30318 Phone: (404) 586-6803 Fax: (404) 586-6820 E-mail:

New York – Jul 04 2008

No plans to leave the city – and wish to relax in a relaxed, eclectic European style! Here is the place for you! DJ Palamuth (Jack Ulker) from Mediterranean Circle will be DJing there that evening and invites you to join him.

Celebrating 4th of July with Mediterranean Music

Located in the East Village area of Manhattan, DROM is a multi-event venue with a restaurant and lounge. With high ceilings, earthy colors and comfortable seating, we aim to provide a warm, inviting, sophisticated and informal atmosphere to relax and enjoy our multi-cultural and varied programming.

DROM serves delicious small and large plates from several countries including Spain, Italy and Turkey. There is an eclectic wine list with wines from expressive vineyards from all over the world. Please sample our delicious cocktail list and liquors. DROM has a spacious 120 seat restaurant and private dining space and an inviting lounge capable of seating 50 people. It has a warm bar area accessible from both the restaurant and the lounge areas. DROM hosts and plans to host live events of various kinds – music, art, wine and food tastings to name a few. But most of all, we invite you to kick back in our comfortable venue and indulge in the diverse experiences that we provide.

New York – Jul 04
Friday, July 04, 2008 in New York at 10:00 pm – 4:00 am

Location: Drom
Address: 85 Avenue A (bet. 5th + 6th Streets) New York NY