New York – Jan 11 1999

This was the very first kick-off event for EuroCircle, no internet connections at the time. Word of mouth brought there 185 attendees, mostly male and Europeans.
Smoking was still allowed in restaurants at that time.
It was a really wonderful event.

Digital cameras very unusual at the time so we’d have to convert all prints for digital camera. The owner was Henry Meer (picture above) who Ibra Morales (former CEO of Telemundo) convinced to give the space rent-free for Kaisa’s EuroCircle network.

Some of the people present were Ibra Morales, Jim Kreissman (Simpson Thatcher Bartlett), Kerry Ann Murphy, Delia Marshall, Jeff Greenberg, Lauren Elliott, Kaisa Kokkonen, Pierre Battu, Louisa Kennedy, Eric Faltraco, Cindy Willson, Ian Shapolsky, Chris Lukas, Hanna Chodzinska, Eline de Kat, Apostolos Pappas, Victor Voloshin, Nils Eliassen, Leathem S. Stearn, Christa Schantz, James Croak, Olga Raganelli, Jean-Yves Charriau, Nora Kerppola-Davis  etc

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