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Susanna Karoliina Goltche, neé Nieminen, knew she wanted to help people as a teenager. She decided she wanted to see the world when she was studying social sciences. She came to the United States as a student. and promptly fell in love with an American businessman and had a child. After her marriage ended she found herself  in a turning point in her life. She returned to her original idea of helping people. She became a life coach.

When she she still lived in Finland upon completing an internship at a Finnish Government Foster Care Institution and at Finnish Kindergarten and day care center, Susanna continued on to receive a certificate from Paimion Institute of Youth Leadership Studies (Paimion Kansan-Opisto) becoming a youth leadership counselor.  She went on to complete her internship working with handicapped and mentally disabled children.

When her schooling at the Finnish college was complete, Susanna relocated as an international student located at a U.S. college.  She continued her studies in sociology and psychology. However, Susanne’s creative mind and interest in entertainment lead her to film – she went on graduating (Film and Television production certificate Field Of Study Cinematography and Film/Video Production) from LACC film school.

After gaining experience in the entertainment industry working as part of E! Entertainment Television and Dr. Phil Show, Susanna took some time off to raise her daughter. After her divorce she trained at the Coaching Training Institute (CTI) in Los Angeles and received her certificate in life coaching, from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Life coaches concentrate on the present and the future,” Susanna explains.  She doesn’t see clients who have mental issues – those clients are sent to a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Life coaching is for otherwise healthy individuals, who need help in their working or private life.  A life coach is like a friend who listens and lends a helping hand.

Fearless (skydiving), direct, focused, intuitive and goal oriented, Susanna appreciates and welcomes coaching clients who are also committed to true inner growth, transformation and fulfillment.  She cares deeply about each and every client, wanting them to find inner passion, purpose, and to empower them to find the true feminine power within in order to step into their full potential and realize their greatness.

I asked what does she like to do most – coaching or entertainment?  She said she likes both –  she just like WORKING no matter what she is doing. She is one of those people who is good at multiple different areas and interested in multiple topics. My boyfriend is like that – he is super creative and genius with numbers.

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