San Francisco – Oct 28 2015

Helloween: A Funny Hat Party to Say Hello

We decided to organize a “HELLOWEEN” integrating a Funny Hat Concept to get a taste of Halloween without fully dressing up. If you want to, you are more than welcome as there will be plenty of people that will.

So come see Hello to other fellow Europeans in Funny Hats with a real cool decor. Bergerac, a French Mansion inspired bar, is a craft cocktail bar that also serves as a great lounge and could be the back drop for an impromptu house party.

This is the first time in 3 years that a Triple DJ threat has been booked for this out of the box thinking fun party.
The 3 DJ’s Pollux, MVB, and Playdoughboy will provide the newest in House Music mixed with some EDM classics.

This is the party to mingle, meet Europeans, with a fancy backdrop and the best Music our European DJ’s can offer!

EXCLUSIVE: Please RSVP to this invite as only Members of can get a special Discount.

Volunteers Needed.

The EuroCircle Team San Francisco.