New York – Oct 31 2008

Spook-tacular Halloween Party

3 European DJs:

DJ Jack Meister, DJ Mike Rich and DJ Tossun
Full open bar all night
Lots of complimentary LUMENE cosmetics giveaways

Costumes, masks and festive attire recommended – but NOT required!!!

International Guest Judges

Miami Film Director and Philanthopist Kimberly Green (Miami)
London PR Guru Michelangelo Bendandi (London)
Primate Provocateur and Filmmaker Matthew Devlen (Dallas, London)
Hononorable Jonathan Montagu of Beaulieu (London, New York)

Prizes for best costumes donated by Cheeta the Chimpanzee, the original chimp in the tarzan movies. Pushing 77 years old and holding the Guinness Book World record for the oldest living non-human primate, Cheeta will donate four of his ape-stract paintings in varying sizes for the top four costumes. Cheeta just released his autobiography “Me Cheeta” in the United Kingdom. Matthew Devlen is heading up his 8th attempt at securing a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. EuroCircle will be joining the campaign soon to help with the cause…

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The winners will also receive some LUMENE Cosmetics/skincare products

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$45 gives you full open bar all night, all payments CASH at the door.

$55 fee at the door

Vampires and Vampire batsare a part of Halloween. The most popular vampire is Count Dracula. Every year, all over the world thousands and thousands of costumes and accessories personifying Dracula, or vampires, or vampire bats are sold around Halloween. In spite of their high prices, costumes of Dracula, including wigs, capes, teeth with fangs and of course the blood are very popular. And that is because Count Dracula has become a symbol of Halloween.

Transylvania , the country of Count Dracula.
Many tours include visiting Bran Castle a.k.a. Dracula’s Castle, Sighisoara Citadel, fortress of Poienari (Vlad Tepes’ Residential Castle ) – rebuilt by Vlad Dracula in 1459 with the hands of traitor boyars. Bran Castle was originally a fortress built by the Knights of the Teutonic Order in the year 1212. Vlad Tepes used Bran Castle as headquarters for his incursions into Transylvania. Over the last years, Dracula became a symbol of Romania, alongside being the symbol of Halloween.

“Share your adventures and plans for Halloween with fellow travelers on, and find out how people celebrate in other parts of the world.”

This cool European site is founded by some Austrian friends of ours!