New York – Oct 25 2003

An Evening of Style with BAVA Wines&Music

Space is limited. If you are late..there is nothing we can do about that. Our host sets the limits for his home and we respect that 100%. Click on the name of the event for more details..
Meet an international crowd in a casual atmosphere.

A name list will be at the concierge and a picture ID is required from everyone entering the building. This is a high security luxury highrise

Send a check $48 payable to EuroCircle.
If we run out of space your check will be returned

Direct quotation for the BAVA WINERY files:

Roberto, Giulio and Paolo Bava, with their father Piero, have transformed their traditional family owned winery into a company managed according to the precepts of modern professionalism bringing fresh ideas and new methods into the world of Piedmontese wine.
Valuable experience acquired over the years, research and experimentation in the vineyard and in the winery, have all combined to give the Bavas a frontline role in the recent quality revolution in Barbera wine. Like the memorable Cocconato Stravecchio in the ‘fifties it is the Stradivario that is the flagship wine of today, a serius wine from classic family-owned vineyards matured in French oak to give it an international appeal. Stradivario is in the best restaurants and the most prestigious wine shops internationally. The experience gained from marking Stradivario and general research over the last few years has led to the creation of Arbest, one of the new generation Barberas that combines the longevity and international taste that ageing in new wood offers, but retains its original distinctive Piedmontese character. A new estate in Agliano d’Asti has been totally devoted to growing this grape for future outstanding crus.”

Founded in 1911, Bava is one of the most innovative wineries in Italy today. Run by the three Bava brothers, Roberto, Guilio and Paulo, the winery’s initiatives include the use of French barriques for ageing Barberas and the use of rare local Cortese grapes to produce Alteserre ( Chardonnay/Cortese blend), the new “Super-Piedmontese” white wine from Bava.

Bava is renowned for producing wines that owe more to the vineyard they originate from than the winemaking and maturation techniques employed. PianoAlto, whose inaugural vintage was in 1996, is produced from 15 hectares of 30-60 year old Barbera vines in the village of Agliano d’Asti. However, like the memorable Cocconato Stravecchio in the 1950s, it is the Stradivario that is the flagship wine of today, a serious wine from a classic family-owned vineyard, matured in French barriques.