New York – Nov 18 2004

Private Art Connection Party

The space is strictly limited, your payment will be REFUNDED if there is no space. NO refunds if you just change your mind after Tuesday 12:00 NOON on 11/16 – unless I have a replacement for your spot.

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2) $47 payment in-advance

In addition to great art provided by our artists, candlelight, nice music and a good attitude will be in order.


An eclectic group of artists from a New York based European networking group, EuroCircle, will stage the first exhibit at an unlikely new gallery along Broadway—in the penthouse of the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in Columbus Circle on Thursday, Nov. 18.

The unusual one-evening show, featuring some artists exhibiting in the U.S. for the first time, will be open to arts professionals and members of EuroCircle, a group begun six years ago by a Finnish lawyer, Kaisa Kokkonen, who was looking for an informal way to meet fellow Europeans new to New York. Today, her group has more than 40,000 members in 25 chapters worldwide.

A graduate communications class from NYIT including students from Thailand, Iraq and Taiwan has worked with EuroCircle to produce the first-ever art show at the penthouse space.

During the private event, which includes a full party with buffet and wines & soft drinks, each of the artists will describe their works on display at the newly created gallery on the 11th floor of the high-tech college’s Manhattan campus one block from the new Time Warner Center. The works will range from classic oils to digital images of the Brooklyn waterfront.

Among the featured artists:

The French husband and wife Caroline Gauguery and Patrick Bancel: Caroline, just 25, showing for the first time in the U.S., paints budding flowers and nudes. Patrick, 42, who has exhibited in 18 countries, combines reality and invention — making a photo of a romping dog, say, appear to hang on a clothesline against an abstract red backdrop. Together the couple also markets their services painting the inside of upscale Manhattan apartments — she creating floral scenes on furniture and he making bare walls look like marble and exotic wood.

Italian-born, Alexander Shundi: A modern day Renaissance man, he lived for years among the Hopi Indians and now, at 60, teaches visual aesthetics at the New York Institute of Technology while overseeing galleries around the country and producing his own surrealistic art. One series explored fire in the New Mexican desert from more than 460 perspectives.

Fellow Italian Massimo Toschi: An award-winning poet, in the U.S. two years, he works for the United Nations, protecting the rights of children. One piece, a poem spoken over video images, “For Whom the Sirens Toll,” was inspired by the mass murder of UN workers in Iraq.

The sponsors:

EuroCircle’s flagship New York chapter has 7,000 members, about half in financial fields and law. Although the founder, Kaisa Kokkonen, is Scandinavian, the networking group from the start drew expatriates from all European countries and now is open to Americans as well. For more information, go to

New York Institute of Technology was founded in 1955 to provide career-focused education and learning through technology. In addition to its three New York area campuses, it has branches throughout the world including Paris, Bahrain, and China. NYIT also is the partner of the online Ellis College.

Sponsors: EuroCircle and the New York Institute of Technology
Contact: For EuroCircle, Kaisa Kokkonen at
For the New York Institute of Technology contact, Mary Quinn