New York – Mar 01 2003

March Madness Party with a Twist

Are you searching/offering an apartment or share, to rent, to buy or to sell?

All information MUST BE PROVIDED to so that we can prepare a flyer! There will also be a message board to post on at the party if you miss the inclusion into the flyer. You will be able to mark your namebadge according to what you are looking for: SEEKING something or OFFERING something, so that you are easily identified. You might just meet your real estate match!

Sample ads for the flyer/message board:

SEEKING: an affordable studio, max $1300 rent, prefer Upper West Side, no doorman needed, contact, tel 212-222-2222

OFFERED: One very large bedroom with private bath in a 2 bedroom apt in SoHo, large kitchen, lots of light, $1400. Roommate is very open minded, gay 20-something. Contact, tel 212-222-2222

Our customary fees will be charged at the door (cash only) – $15 if you sign up ON-LINE by the deadline of Friday, February 28th, 5pm. You will pay $25 if you did not sign up on-line by the deadline. Each and every person has to sign up individually, meaning “Joe Doe + 2 guests” is NOT accepted.

N.B. For all you Frogs (meaning “French-speakers” for you non-Frogs), something special is coming for you, as soon as Pierre Battu and Kaisa finalize their creative planning!
And Theo is planning to play “tarot” soon: keep an eye at the message board as well as our event section at

Kaisa’s special thanks go to Ellen Rabiner and David Sauberman for wonderful performances on Friday, Feb 21 at the wine evening. Fabulous!

New York – Mar 01
March 1, 2003

Location: Jack Rose
Address: 771 Eighth Ave @ 47th Street 2nd Floor New York NY