New York – Jan 10 2008

70s & 80s Disco Extravaganza Kicks off 2008

CO-HOSTED by the following ESTONIAN and HUNGARIAN organizations:

Merike Partel, New York Estonian House,
Krista Tassa, EACCI – President,
Anges Vajda and Victoria Kyle, New York Hungarian Connection Network,

RSVP requested by 4.30 pm on Jan 10, otherwise $10 fee at the door. Non-members please send an email to newyork(at) with your name/country of origin (names for all your guests, me + 3 guests is not acceptable).

We’ll be start dancing and partying EuroCircle style at 7:00 pm.
7 pm to 8 pm: cocktail hour with the slow, sensual, unforgettable rhytms
8 pm to midnight: mainly 70/80s dance music with occasional exceptions
70s/80s entertainment provided by
Flying Kilim Entertainment DJs Palamuth, DJ Tossun and DJ Mike Rich

Complimentary appetizers during the cocktail hour!!!

Drink Specials until 8:00 pm
London Casa $7 (14): Tanqueray gin, blackberry liquor, lemon mint, simple syrup Sour mix.
Marokita $7 (14): Cuervo gold, Cointreau, Anisette, orange blossom honey, Sour mix, orange juice, orange flower water
Kabil-I $7 (14): Kettle one, Bacardi light, Midori, muddled lime,Fresh mint
BEERS $4 (7)
GLASS of WINE $6 (10)

Lounge menu available for dinner and let us assure, they have GREAT food

Marinated olives and spiced almonds $5 and $8
Hummus with pita bread $6 and $9
Falafel with harissa aioli $7 and $10
Grilled merguez with mustard and
red pepper dip $8 and $11
Savory cigars, goat cheese and spinach $7 and $10
Baby carrot salad with mango $7 and $10
Cucumber salad with cinnamon and watercress $7 and $10
Chicken briouats with almonds and sweet onion $7 and $10
Crispy calamari with chermoula dip $7 and $10
Eggplant fritters with spiced yogurt $9 and $12
Baby octopus with lemon and mint $11 and $14
Grilled Lamb Sliders, Cucumber and Tomato $11and $14
French Fries with citrus mayonnaise $7 and $10
Vegetarian cheese Panini $11 and $14
Azza Panini $11 and $14


Back to the 70s and when disco started!! 1975 was the year when disco really took off, with hit songs like The Hustle and Donna Summers Love To Love You Baby reaching the mainstream. Disco’s popularity peaked in the so-called Disco era of 1977 – 1980, driven in part by the 1977 classic film Saturday Night Fever and the unforgettable John Travolta in his white suit. Dalida (France), Boney M (Germany), Abba (Sweden), Baccara, Spagna, Martinelli, Novecento, Alla Pugachova (most famous Russian singer),Valery Leontiev…those were the times.
Elements of disco music appear on records from the early 1970s such as the 1971 theme from the film Shaft by Isaac Hayes (Jones and Kantonen, 1999). In general it can be said that first disco songs were released in 1973, however many consider Manu Dibango’s 1972 Soul Makossa the first disco record (Jones and Kantonen, 1999). Initially, most disco songs catered to a nightclub/dancing audience only, rather than general audiences such as radio listeners, but there are many aspects proving opposite tendencies as well; popular radio-hits were being played in discotheques, as long as they had an easy to follow rhythmic base-pattern close to 120 BPM (beats per minute). Most 70′s Disco genre songs had a distinctive four/four bass beat.

Disco also gave rise to an increased popularity of line dancing and other partly pre-choreographed dances; many line dances can be seen in films such as Saturday Night Fever, which also features the Hustle.

In 1975, the pop star Dalida was the first to make disco music in France with her song Jattendrai which was a big hit there as well as in Canada and Japan in 1976. Many other European artists also recorded disco music; in Germany, Frank Farian formed a disco band by the name Boney M around 1975. They had a string of number one hits in a few European countries which continued into the early 1980s, with songs such as Daddy Cool, Brown Girl in the Ring and By the Rivers of Babylon.

What is EuroCircle?
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Jan 17 some of us will celebrate SARAR Boutique’s Grand opening at Madison & 46th Streer at 6 pm to 9 pm. Let Kaisa at newyork(at) know if you’d like to join them (by 1/8)