New York – Feb 21 2008

Gentlemen's Night Out @ Providence

Champagne special $8 until 8 pm
Light dinner menu available

Everyone is welcome – ladies and gents. But the evening is hosted by some of our favorite gentlemen members i.e:

Vivian James Rigney,, President – Executive Coaching
Over 16 years international business experience, with senior management positions for a number of leading global companies. Born in Ireland, he has lived and worked in Germany, France, the UK, South Africa, Finland and the United States, in a range of industries.
A keen sportsman, Vivian is well advanced on his goal of climbing the highest peak on each of the world’s seven continents. He is also a runner, golfer, has a keen interest in horses, and travels extensively. He has a background in Busines and Marketing, holds an MBA in International Business, has a Masters in NLP applied psychology and is a certified NLP coach.

Anders Holst,, based in New York City, this critically acclaimed
singer/songwriter is what adult contemporary music has
been waiting for. With his latest release, ROMANTIKA, Anders fuses sophisticated lyrics with lingering melodies. His memorable songs explore themes of romance, isolation, optimism, and the complexity of interpersonal relationships, delivered in a smooth and enticing tone. Rooted in Jazz, Soul, and European Pop music, Anders’ distinguished sound will captivate and move you.

Alexandre “Sasha” Toubolets, President of UNSRC RBC. An accomplished athlete, Sasha speaks several languages i.e. Russian, French and Spanish fluently. The fact that he runs the RBC also tells you he is very well-read, and has an embarrassingly in-depth knowledge in variety of cultural subjects i.e classical music (I quoted an American friend here). All of the above may give you a hint what he does professionally…! In Finnish we also would say that he is “parkettien partaveitsi”. Kaisa will happy to translate in person.

Do you need help with your Relationship? Would you like to find a good one?

Donna Barnes is a Life and Relationship/Dating Coach and TV expert. You can see her on ABC News Primetime’s “What Would You Do” series première this Friday, February 22nd from 9-11PM. Then Tuesday’s at 10pm for the following 6 weeks. She’s featured in the new Fuse series “10 Great Reasons” and was recently on Late Show with David Letterman, Fox News’ Red Eye, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and Maxim Radio.

As your personal dating and relationship coach she could help you pinpoint exactly what is causing your relationships to go wrong…and how you can start making romance go right. It’s all about you…your choices, your actions, your thoughts and feelings. Energy is contagious, and like attracts like. What kind of energy are you radiating? Whether you’re currently in a relationship that you’d like to make better, don’t know if your partner is right for you, or you’re looking to find the right one…she can help you make the right choices, and reach your goals. Stop hoping and start taking action to achieve the relationship of your dreams!

You can watch her dating advice reel on her website and learn more about her services at:,

The first approx 100 gents will receive a complimentary travel kit (Lumene for Men minikit)
The ladies will also receive some other complimentary giveaways (cosmetics)! Come early.

DJ Mike Rich – Dancing