New York – Feb 15 2006

Post Valentine Night w smooth/sexy/ live Jazz tunes

This evening is our last TRIBUTE TO HUNGARY!


LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: raised by critics for “vocal virtuosity,” and as a singer with “soulful charisma and deep understanding of the lyrics,” Sofia Laiti performs jazz standards as well as songs popularized by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Jacques Brel, and Edith Piaf. Listen to Sofia’s music online!!

Sofia will entertain us part of the evening (this is NOT a concert!), likely from 7:30 pmish to 9:30 pmsish)

TAROT CARD reader will be available for you to hire if you are curious to know more about your future!

On behalf of the EuroCircle team, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Hungarian Community as well as our gracious sponsors for being such a gracious “online-guest” in our site’s SPOTLIGHT. EuroCircle wants to extend special thanks to the most helpful staff at the Hungarian Consulate General, Malev, National Tourism office, Hungarian Cultural Center, Craftsman Wines and It was such a pleasure working with all of you.

We have asked some of the Hungarian community EuroCircle members to be special co-hosts for the evening. Join us to welcome them, say farewell to Hungary while we ‘llmove the Spotlight onto another country this week – and don’t forget complete your profile to win the BEST PROFILE 2006 contest (Malev: 2 tickets business class to Budapest)!

Tonight’s Hungarian co-hosts will include:

Eva Beke Phoebus Design
Andreas Csech, Jinapartners
Victor Fadgyas
Andras Forgacs, McKinsey
István Flesch, Craftsman Wines
Krisztina Juhasz
Krisztian Kristin, Goldman Sachs
Marta Kucsora
Agnes Niemetz, Translator/Literary Agent/Writer
Marian Olah
Olivia Szabo
Anna Zsigrai, Dwelling Quest LLC

EuroCircle Team tonight will include:
Anu Arponen, Kaisa Kokkonen, Karen Abrams (facilitating tarot card reading sessions), our own “Valentin” Valuca

TAROT CARD READER: Kathy, all your reservations should be made via Karen Abrams – send a private message via member area) or on the spot (if there is availability) as a full reading takes app. 20 min. Kathy will charge you for her readings ($30-35)

About Jazz
The history of jazz music origins is usually attributed to the turn of the century New Orleans. There are so many styles of jazz from bepop, hot jazz to classic jazz. My personal favorites have always been the smoky, sexy tunes from Louis Armstrong, Billy Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, Diane Washington, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker..very romantic. The saxophones and piano..the natural good feeling comes from inside you