New York – Aug 12 2010

Cocktail Hour at Novotel's Sky Terrace

Many of you have been asking for more frequent EuroCircle events and we are pleased to announce our upcoming cocktail hour. It is time to leave work early, catch up with your old EuroCircle friends and enjoy a few drinks. We’ll spend a hot summer night sipping cocktails at Novotel’s Sky Terrace, and while we’re at it, let’s sample the Eurotini.

What is a Eurotini? The Eurotini originated at EuroCircle Philly, and it is our ever-changing signature drink. Each time EuroCircle hosts an event, the bartender creates his own version of the Eurotini, so the drink is always a surprise! The Eurotini has become a permanent addition to many of the city’s bar menus and it is the most requested cocktail in Philly. Let’s help make the Eurotini the most popular drink in Manhattan!