New York – Apr 18 2008

Nordic Party @ Midtown Loft

We would like to invite you back to this exclusive, gorgeous duplex private loft with a large outdoor (upstairs) Terrace overlooking Fifth Avenue & Empire State Building – forecast says 77 FA and sunny.

We will have our 3 DJs, DJ Palamuth, DJ Tossun, and DJ Mike Rich from Flying Kilim, playing EuroHouse, Mediterranean, and Top Party tunes from current and oldies (inc. Nordic music Abba, Aha etc).

ZYR VODKA TASTING – served 9 pm to 11 pm by the gorgeous Michelle Wood

This party will be from 9pm till 3am with OPEN BAR all night.

RSVP online: pay at the entrance $40 CASH. $42 if you use credit card.
NO RSVP online: – $45 cash at the door, $47 credit card.


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Skål! Or KIPPIS in Finnish! We will show you (a.k.a KAIKU girls will perform) one or two SWEDISH and Finnish drinking songs! Part of the culture….!

FESTIVE attire

Let’s bring our glasses together for all things Nordic. Bring all your friends and rock out to some well-known Nordic tunes like Abba but most of the evening to great international dance music..selected by our three European DJs Palamuth and Tossun (a.k.a Jack & Murat and Ilker)

Hosted by several Nordic members (to be updated)

Finnish Tourist Board,
Jaana Rehnstrom, President (Finland)
Finland Center,
Maryli Crowder, Burberry (origin: Finland)
Tuula Vartiainen, Voss/Young Associates of FACC (Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce)
Anu Arponen, architect, Finland
Kaisa Kokkonen, Finland

Paula and Jaana, KAIKU, worldmusic ensemble from Finland will arrive after 10 pm and show us how the Swedes sing “Helan går” and us, The Finns, sing in Finnish when we drink.
Their own benefit will take place on April 24th in the Village. Click HERE to learn more!

If you are curious to read what is stereotyped as “Finnish” or “Swedish”, login and go to our forums. Especially if you a Nordic person you may get a kick out of it! AND, we think you all should really check out how to

Scandinavia is a historical and geographical region centered on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe which includes the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The other Nordic countries, Finland and Iceland (+ the Faroe Islands), are also sometimes included because of their close historic and cultural relations to Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Although it depends on context which countries are considered Scandinavian, the term the NORDIC COUNTRIES is used unambiguously for Norway, Sweden, Denmark (including the Faroe Islands and Greenland), Finland (including Åland) and Iceland.

EuroCircle welcomes other NORDIC/SCANDINAVIAN organizations/institutions/performers to participate this evening as co-hosts.