New York – Apr 26 2002

Friday @ the new global bistro Radius

Friday @ the new global bistro RADIUS

RADIUS – Global Bistro

111 West 38th Street @1400 Bway (Broadway & 6th Avenue) New York NY
Our regular fees will be charged at the door: $15 if you signed up in advance by April 25th. The registration is now closed. So, if you just walk in, the fee will be $25/per person at the door.
You can avoid paying late registration fee if you use a SPECIAL OFFER: Anyone who signs up via the logo below as a NEW user of Citibank’s c2it service AND sends us $1 by 3pm on Friday, April 26, will have a FREE admission any time during the evening. This offer is valid even if the person did not register for the party. Be sure to bring your confirmation e-mail with you which verifies:
1) your NEW account and
2) that you have sent $1 to
One NEW account gets you one (1) free admission. The c2it service is FREE and you have no obligation to use it in the future.
Just sign up through Citibank (c2it), using Visa, MasterCard or your bank account (you don’t have to be a Citibank customer). Send payments through c2it to
To sign up for c2it and get up to 100 FREE International Minutes AS WELL AS a FREE ADMISSION for one person to April 26 party at Radius click on the logo below

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO SIGN UP? You must have a valid Social Security number, a valid e-mail address, U.S.-based postal mail address, and a U.S.-issued credit card or a U.S.-based bank account.