Invididualism in Europe (Map)

This map is based on the data from Hofstede Centre using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory. In 1965, Hofstede founded the personnel research department of IBM Europe (which he managed until 1971).

Wikipedia described his theory: “Regarding the individualism index, there is a clear gap between developed and Western countries on one hand, and less developed and eastern countries on the other. North America and Europe can be considered as individualistic with relatively high scores: for example, 80 for Canada and Hungary. In contrast, Asia, Africa and Latin America have strongly collectivist values: Colombia scores only 13 points on the IDV scale and Indonesia 14. The greatest contrast can be drawn comparing two extreme countries on this dimension: 6 points for Guatemala vs. 91 points for the United States. Japan and the Arab world have middle values on this dimension.”

Source: Eupedia