Got Ice? From Bruges to Austin….

Got ice?

Oline and Jo Detavernier moved Texas from Bruges, Belgium in 2015.
They live in New Braunfels with their 8-year-old boy Tristan.

Oline is American. Before moving to Belgium fifteen years ago she lived in Bakersfield, CA. Oline runs Tikiz of Hill Country, a spectacular shaved ice and ice cream truck. She goes to festivals, customer appreciation parties, sports games, you name it!…

A big thing for her is the fundraising. Any non-profit organization that invites Tikiz over gets at the end of the event a check worth 20 percent of all sales. In its first year in business Tikiz has donated thousands to non-profit causes. Oline mostly operates in the San Antonio – New Braunfels corridor. For major events (let’s say at least an estimated $500 in sales) Oline will also drive up to Austin.

Jo is Belgian. He is not a shaved ice or ice cream expert (although he is known to consume quite a lot of it under the guise of ‘quality testing’).
He is a marketing and PR expert and works as a partner for Manzer Communications in Austin. He counsels his wife on promoting the business so as many lovers of cold sweets as possible get to discover Tikiz.

Oline misses the easy access to an (affordable!) doctor in Belgium whenever she needs one.
Jo misses the quality foods and having different countries available within just hours driving distance.

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