Chicago – Oct 14 2005

Yuki by Lisa Lee Fashion Show @ Reserve

We know all the fashionista and fashion forward members will love this event! T-shirts and flip-flops will definitely NOT be allowed at this event, and I know that’ll make those of you who been itching to have a “dress up night” very happy!

Besides having a much-anticipated Friday night event- no getting up early the next day- EuroCircle Chicago is very pleased to be hosting Yuki by Lisa Lee’s fashion debut at Reserve! Yuki has been making fashion waves all over town with her unique, one of a kind pieces which includes everything from tops to dresses to wraps and scarves. Check out her website at for more…

And, we are also very pleased to be hosting this event at Reserve, which has currently taken over the Chicago nightlife scene as THE place to be- if you haven’t been there yet, don’t miss this opportunity to check it out with the comfort of hanging out with your fellow EuroCirclers!

We’ll also be hosting a complimentary cocktail hour from 9 pm to 10 pm and we’re giving a away surprise goody bags to the first 100 guests through the door!

And this hardly needs to be mentioned knowing how well dressed this group is, but Reserve does have a strict dress code, so no gym shoes, t-shirts, etc. please!

Admission is $10 BEFORE 11 pm (after 11, it will be $20!!!!)

Featuring DJ John Grammatis

Fashion show to begin at 10 pm

We look forward to seeing you there!