Chicago – May 17 2011

French After Work @ Hotel Sofitel

Join us for a night of Networking in a French atmosphere filled with Absinthe, French Wines, French Cheese and everything French at the Ambassadors bar of Hotel Sofitel. French music in the background and French movies on the screens.

Don t miss this opportunity to get a taste of Absinthe, a drink that became so popular in bars, bistros, cafés, and cabarets that, by the 1860s, the hour of 5 p.m. was called l’heure verte (“the green hour”). Absinthe was favored by all social classes, from the wealthy bourgeoisie to poor artists and ordinary working-class people. By the 1880s, mass production had caused the price of absinthe to drop sharply. By 1910, the French were drinking 36 million liters of absinthe per year (compared to their consumption of almost 5 billion liters of wine).

We will also have the outdoor patio if the weather permits. Make sure to grab your tickets quickly as this is going to be a sold out event. Bring your business cards if you don’t prepay as we will raffle many French related prizes including:

– 2 one night stays at the hotel Sofitel
– 1 diner for two at the Café des Architectes restaurant
– French cooking books, red, rosé and white wine bottles
– Paris/France Posters
– 4 Gift certificates for 12 croissants @ “La Boulangerie”, Chicago’s best French Bakery
– 2x $50 certificates for “La Sardine” Restaurant
– Bourdage Pearls will be raffling a necklace
– Veuve Clicquot champagne bottle

If you have a business or company related to France and would like to offer a prize for the raffle, please contact us