Chicago – Jul 12 2008

Saturday night @ Spy Bar

S all her life. Her parents are Greek and her first language was Greek. She is the owner of MCD Events Inc and has been the Chicago lead for Eurocircle since 2000. Contact Maria – View her profile (members only).

Yes, it’s a rare SATURDAY night event! Please join us on Saturday, July 12 @ the completely remodeled, revamped and ultra- swanky SPY BAR for an exclusive EC event!

COME BETWEEN 8 to 10 pm and receive a COMPLIMENTARY EFFEN cocktail!

And of course we’ll be featuring the best music to get you on your feet (and we know there’s lots of dancing queens- and kings- out there!) with the best int’l crowd in Chicago! All on a Saturday night!

Featuring DJ’s John and Greg

$10 admission UNTIL midnight- COME EARLY!

**Swanky attire required!**