Austin – Nov 02 2015

"Why NATO Still Matters to the United States" by Professor, Dr Julian Lindley-French

GlobalAustin, The Foreign Service Group of Texas, UT’s Center for International Business Education and Research, UT’s International Relations and Global Studies Program, UT’s Center for European Studies, UT’s Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, UT’s International Affairs Society and EuroCircle will co-host a presentation by  Professor Dr. Julian Lindley- French, who will speak on the subject, “Why NATO Still Matters to the United States.”

Professor Dr Julian Lindley-French is a leading strategic analyst, author and commentator with several books to his name. He is Senior Fellow at the Institute of Statecraft, Director of Europa Analytica, Honorary Fellow of the Strategy and Security Institute at the University of Exeter and a member of the Strategic Advisory Panel of General Sir Nick Houghton, Chief of the British Defence Staff.  He was formerly a member of the Strategic Advisory Group of the Atlantic Council of the United States and has been appointed to three professorial chairs at the University of Leiden and the Netherlands Defence Academy.

His blog, Lindley-French’s Blog Blast (, has a world-wide readership and is on the websites of several leading think-tanks.  He is also a regular columnist for several leading newspapers and author of several books. The Oxford Handbook of War is regarded as a definitive anthology on war.  In 2014, he published a new book entitled “Little Britain? Twenty-First Century Strategic Challenges for a Middling European Power” and Oxford University Press published the paperback edition of his Oxford Handbook.  In 2015, Professor Lindley-French will publish a second edition of NATO: The Enduring Alliance for Routledge Press and is currently writing a book on Europe and strategy.

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