Austin – May 05 2016

Distinguished Speaker Series: Adrian Farrell, Consul General of Ireland- "The Good Country Index"

Meet Adrian Farrell, Consul General of Ireland – Learn about the Good Country Index and Why Ireland is #1 on the GCI!

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Adrian Farrell, Consul General of Ireland, welcomes us on Thursday, May 5, to the Irish Consulate General, 515 Congress Avenue, Suite 1720 for a discussion of The Good Country Index.

The Good Country Index measures how much each of the 125 countries on the list contributes to the planet and the human race, with relation to its size.  Almost all other indexes measure country performance in isolation:  whether it’s economic growth, stability, justice, transparency, good governance, productivity, democracy, freedom, or even happiness, it’s mostly measured as internal performance.  The Good Country Index attempts to measure the global impacts of policies and behaviors, what they contribute to the “global commons”, and what they take away.  This forms a truer and more realistic global balance-sheet than one which may error by treating each country as its own private planet.  The concept of the Good Country is about encouraging populations and their governments to be more outward looking, and to consider the international consequences of their national behavior.

The Index measures 35 data points.  Consul General Farrell will use several of the data points as a basis to discuss Ireland.
The Irish Consulate General in Austin was established in the fall of 2014 marking the first European country to form a consulate in Austin.  It is designed to support Irish citizens living in the area as well as advance economic initiatives, promote tourism, and develop educational links with Ireland.
Adrian Farrell is a veteran Irish diplomat who has previously worked in Germany and Turkey.

Reception Hosted by Consul General Farrell will follow the presentation.

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