Austin – Jan 11 2017

Special Cocktails at Eberly to Celebrate our Actual 18th Anniversary (Jan 11 1999)

Photos snapped by Esther Angelou

The very first event took place on January 11 1999 in NYC, you can check the event photos NEW YORK event page from the City Hall restaurant.

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Check out some photos HERE from this stunning new space in Austin.
Kelon Bryant, who was Justine’s Brasserie’s head bartender, and worked at the Continental Club before that planned their cocktail menu. The bar food, like fish and chips, burgers with duck fat fries, Scottish eggs, and more, will be prepared with executive chef Jim Tripi’s team.
Co-owners John Scott and Eddy Patterson purchased the actual bar in NYC from the shuttered drinking spot back in 2006. The bar had been sitting in storage until last year.

Austin Cronicle story about Eberly