Austin – Aug 30 2015

Sunday Chill @ The Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen

Greetings beautiful EuroCirclers,

We’re really excited to host our next event at The Grove newest downtown location this August 30th. In a slight departure from our previous events, we’ll be hosting this event on a Sunday instead of a weekday. So come join our fun lot of Europeans and Europhiles and enjoy a great evening of chill atmosphere at breezy patio with great food, drink, and of course casual conversation.

We have extended the hours for the HH for our group (and actually the entire restaurant) for that day as well until at least 9pm, if not the entire evening!

Adnan & Emma

July 31 White Party photos are posted at Austin Page

SPECIAL NOTE: Starting July we will be requesting donations at every event in a suggested minimum amount of $5. The amount collected will be used to fund an awesome holiday party in December.  $5 donations are suggested but not mandatory. If you attend the events regularly and plan to attend the Christmas party – you know who you are -please consider the donation. As you all know I’m sure, there is no membership fee to participate in EuroCircle and we all want to keep it that way.
But the Austin entertainment venue market is competitive and it is especially tough to find a great venue in December that would host us for free. So chip in a little to keep the good parties coming! We’ll just be spending it on YOU!
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