Ann-Christine Langselius – A Swedish PhD & A Visionary Entrepreneur Moves to Austin

I always want to interview European smart women and the new Swedish lady in town of Austin certainly qualifies!!

Please introduce yourself (name, country, where are you from and what do you do, where do you live now, family… and why)?

My name is Ann-Christine Langselius and I was born in northern Sweden. I have lived in Sweden, Germany and the US previously. We just moved from the Stockholm region to Austin in July, 2014. I moved to Austin together with my three sons Oliver, Maximilian and Ethan. I run an investment firm including a green tech fire and mold company that we are establishing in Austin. Together with a business partner and we also have a TV channel for high Innovation technology and products, located in the National Press Club in DC. I have also established an international business program where were assist companies and CEOs with their growth of their companies and/or organizations. We are assisting Swedish and European companies that would like to enter the US market.

When and why did you move to USA (alone??), where have you lived before that – how did you choose those cities/career?

My kids and I moved to the US this summer but have lived here before. We have also lived in Germany besides Sweden and the US. The cities were chosen due to my work and also that we like to live where we have been and where we are now. I started my career as an Air Force Officer and then continued my studies with an MBA and a PhD. I have worked both for the Swedish government as well as in the private sector.

What did your family do and where are they now?

My family lived in northern Sweden and my father worked for Skanska and my mother was a chef. They passed away 20 years and 17 years ago.

What is important to you in life – money, freedom, food, family, hobbies, friends, travel — Why? Since you are more multicultural in my opinion you may have more varied likes/dislikes.

My children are very important to me and I am so happy to have them in my life. We love to travel, cook and bake, experience new things, watch movies and to be out in the nature.

Do you try to go back to Sweden every year? The language and the culture are different than in TX for sure. Where is home for you outside US, What do you miss the most – and the least?

Yes, and since I have personnel in Sweden I will be commuting back to Sweden for work as well. We plan to spend some time in Sweden each year as our summer vacation. Home outside the US is Stockholm for me/us. We have not had time to miss much yet since we have been here such a short time, but we miss our family and friends in Sweden. Luckily there is Skype and other ways to communicate with everyone.

Workwise – how do you see Swedes/Europeans being different from Americans – also culturally, what stands out in your chosen profession?

I think that it is more abundance here which also creates a more sharing mentality. People are very open to share network and to actually meet a stranger just to help out. This makes the opportunities for growth and success much larger and it is a very positive environment to be in. I also think that the climate here plays a big role in how open people are. In Sweden we experience a difference in the winter time when it is very cold and dark and most people get quieter.

You studied technology and business (PhD and MBA). Not a typical combination for a man, let alone a woman. I understand female entrepreneurship is close to your heart as well…how did this career turn take place?

My interest and curiosity for how things work, people and creating high performance teams and how to create new things were already there as a little girl, and I think that my time as an Air force officer was a great leadership platform for what I have been doing in my career. The female entrepreneurship has evolved the last few years due to the need for concrete hands on Due Diligence, national and international networks, investment, management board training and allocations of key board members, visibility and mentorship. I felt that I/we had lots to share and that we could make a difference by working both as a business and philanthropically in this area.

What is your favorite food/s and drink?

I like vegetarian fusion food a lot, fish and Austin BBQ. I also like French bread and macaroons.

How is the European/Swedish community in Austin vs. USA? Who do you think are the Swedes the average American may know?

I don’t know yet since we only have been here for three months.

What would you like anyone know and appreciate about your country? (food, music, culture, people, history….)

We are very caring and hardworking, very innovative and especially in the music and high tech arena. We travel a lot and are very proud of Sweden and its nature.

Would you ever return to live there full-time?

I don’t know.

Could you share with us what are your plans for the future? 

I am making sure that my kids are having a good experience and I am working hard on setting up my business here and to get actively involved in the Austin community.

What is it in life that makes you happy or content – that means different stuff for all of us.

To see my kids happy, friends and family, nice warm weather and beautiful nature. Art and reading books as well to be helpful and kind to other people.

Ann-Christine at LinkedIn