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  1. This will be at the GlobalAustin office, 1103 W. 24th. 
    Artyom Lukin is deputy director for research at the School of Regional and International

    Studies, Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia). He is also associate professor of
    International Relations there. Lukin earned his PhD in Political Science from Far Eastern State
    University in 2002. Apart from academic career, he worked as a public relations officer in the
    Vladivostok City Administration (1998-2002) and at the Russian Far East's biggest energy utility
    company Dalenergo (2002-2007). Lukin has authored numerous chapters, papers and
    commentaries, in Russian and English, on Asia-Pacific international politics and Russia's
    engagement with Asia. His latest book (co-authored with Rens Lee) is Russia's Far East: New
    Dynamics in Asia Pacific and Beyond (2015).

    Artyom Lukin's research interests include international relations and security in the Asia-Pacific
    and Northeast Asia; Russian foreign policy; Russia’s engagement with the Asia-Pacific; social,
    political and economic processes in the Russian Far East. Lukin has authored and co-authored
    multiple scholarly publications in Russian and English. He has been involved in numerous
    research and publication projects both in Russia and abroad. Artyom Lukin is an expert with
    Russian International Affairs Council. He is a regular commentator for Russian and international
    news media.

  2. Romanian Cultural Institute and The Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce


    Former U.S. Ambassador to Romania Alfred H. Moses

    In a Conversation on his new book, Bucharest Diary: An American Ambassador’s Journey


    February 21, 2019 • 7:00 pm


    at the

    Romanian Cultural Institute

    200 East 38th Street (at 3rd Avenue) New York, NY 10016


    President Bill Clinton appointed Alfred Moses as his first ambassador to Romania (1994 – 1997), where Ambassador Moses played a key role in helping the country move from its Communist past to democracy and to establish a free economy. In his new book, Bucharest Diary: An American Ambassador’s Journey, Moses includes first-hand accounts of the diplomacy, both public and private, that helped Romania recover from four decades of Communist rule. As ambassador, he facilitated negotiations between Romania and neighboring Hungary and Ukraine that resulted in treaties resolving border and other disputes. As a result, Romania was invited to join NATO and the European Union, and currently has the fastest growing economy in Eastern Europe. For his efforts, Moses was awarded the Marc Cruce medal by the Romanian Government, the only American to receive this distinction.

    Moses is Chairman of UN Watch, past President of the American Jewish Committee, the author of several books, and also served as special counsel to President Carter (1980 – 1981) and special presidential envoy for the Cyprus conflict (1999 – 2001).


    In conversation with Mark A. Meyer, National Chairman of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce

    Moderated by Dorian Branea, Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute

    RSVP: Tel: 212-687-0180 or icrny@icrny.org

  3. I have always admired people who take freedom to a whole other level. The older I get, the more I dream of leaving everything behind to wander the world aimlessly. Years ago, my favorite gypsy Kirsty Halliday did just that. She left her corporate job in Philly, for what she thought was a summer road trip in an RV. I watched her explore those parts of North America I always dreamed of seeing, like Yellowstone, Alaska, and then further and further into what I thought of as uninhabitable parts of the country. I kept asking her, When are you coming home? but it has been 4 years since I last saw her, and she “has no interest in being a regular person” again.

    She recently took a job in the Arctic circle, to fulfill her dream of seeing the Northern Lights, where she is working in the hospitality industry hosting tourists during their brief stays. Her first guests were Neil and Lauro Eckland, the crew from the Discovery Channel. They are filming a documentary of a team of U.S. Army veterans who will ride motorcycles from the Arctic Circle to the tip of South America, crossing the infamous Darien Gap in the process.




  4. Before going out we are going to try this place...been driving in front many times so tonight is the night