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London has been called a ‘world in one city’. The immigrants, the city’s life blood, continue to flow in and contribute to the capital’s already spicy melting pot. London nevertheless feels quintessentially British, whether it’s those boxy black cabs, the red double deckers or those grandiose symbols of Britain – the mother of all parliaments at Westminster, the silhouette of Tower bridge above the muddy Thames or the already world-famous London Eye, barely a decade old. A British tradition not to be missed while visiting, is a pint and a plate of fish n’ chips by the river, a day in Hyde Park or a night out. You just may fall in love with the British capital.

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2013 – Events Listing

2012 – Events Listing

CHARITY: 1920s the Roaring Twenties
November 09 at The Royal Thames Yacht Club
Brunch at the Club at the IVY
September 22 at The Club at The Ivy
Investing in Real Estate in Manhattan
July 11 at West End Area

2011 – Events Listing

Charity Ball in Aid of Doctors of the World
November 18 at Royal Thames Yacht Club

November 11 at

2010 – Events Listing

November 12 at
Nordic Night For Networking
November 05 at Nordic Bar

August 22 at

August 22 at

July 24 at

July 08 at

March 19 at

February 05 at

January 14 at

2009 – Events Listing

November 06 at

October 23 at

October 09 at

August 29 at

August 02 at

July 17 at

June 20 at

May 29 at

March 06 at

January 30 at

2008 – Events Listing

January 18 at

2007 – Events Listing

October 20 at

August 19 at

August 10 at

July 31 at

June 29 at

June 08 at

May 23 at

April 19 at

April 16 at

March 29 at

March 17 at

February 20 at

February 20 at

2006 – Events Listing

December 14 at

October 26 at

September 28 at

August 20 at

June 14 at

May 04 at

April 06 at

March 21 at

February 21 at

January 19 at

2005 – Events Listing

December 21 at

December 08 at

November 16 at

November 01 at

October 29 at

September 29 at

August 14 at

April 14 at

April 06 at

March 02 at

January 13 at

2004 – Events Listing

December 02 at

November 17 at

November 13 at

October 20 at

September 28 at

August 18 at

June 20 at

June 16 at

June 05 at

April 28 at

March 31 at

March 10 at

February 11 at

January 18 at

January 04 at

2003 – Events Listing

November 12 at

October 22 at

October 12 at

October 08 at

August 13 at

August 03 at

August 03 at

July 27 at

July 09 at

June 11 at

June 01 at

May 30 at

May 17 at

May 07 at

May 04 at

April 03 at

March 29 at

March 02 at

February 26 at

January 15 at

2002 – Events Listing

November 26 at

November 22 at

November 12 at

November 09 at

October 15 at

September 28 at

September 20 at

September 14 at

August 21 at

August 10 at

July 10 at

June 08 at

May 28 at

April 09 at

March 26 at

March 12 at

February 09 at

2001 – Events Listing

December 12 at

November 28 at

October 20 at

September 26 at

September 15 at

August 30 at

June 27 at

2000 – Events Listing


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‘The Peace Capital of the World’ Population: 191,803 (as of August 2011). EuroCircle started: April 2012.
Geneva is known for the Headquarter of the United Nations, the world’s thirteenth most important financial centre, its great life quality, Swiss watches, fantastic chocolate and the Alps. Geneva is also known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world.


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